Simple Ways to Build Your Team and Avoid Conflicts


Most employees are working in teams. However, all people are different and might have completely opposite views on the same things. Therefore, some co-workers often face hostility and feel incredibly uncomfortable in their workplaces. Interpersonal issues might significantly decrease the productivity of the entire team and even harm the performance of a small company. But is there any way to stop conflicts and set up a pleasant atmosphere in the team? Sure! Below are some tips on how to build an excellent team and make the working environment more welcoming.

Encourage Collaboration

There is nothing new that an effective team works as a solid organism. If some of its members accidentally fail to cope with a particular task, the others should help them in order to achieve a brilliant final result. In other words, the team members need to help each other for the common good. This rule is working not only for job responsibilities but might also cover some aspects of private life. For example, if you have a student with a bright mind who can’t find a balance between working and studies, it might be good to advise him to get some professional essay help. This way, a young learner will have more time for building a career and helping the company grow.

Set Up Comprehensive Goals

Avoid setting up goals and coming up with plans that can be treated in different ways. The purposes should be 100% clear and understandable. If the employees have the same vision of the result they need to achieve, it is much easier to become productive and purposeful. Moreover, it is always a good idea to set up deadlines for completing particular types of work. This trick will help employees know what you want and cooperate in the most effective way. Being a dedicated and communicative leader is the best thing any successful manager can do.

Fight Gossips

Unfortunately, gossip is a common thing in many teams. However, a skilled manager or head of a small company should try to get rid of this practice. You need to be open-minded, give exact answers to the employee’s questions, and try to always tell the truth. This will help you create a friendly and loyal working environment. Moreover, it is better to discourage people who are trying to spread rumors since it might be incredibly harmful to the entire team’s performance. By the way, the best team is the team, where all employees trust and respect each other.

Use Surveys

Anonymous surveys are one of the best ways to discover the real atmosphere in the team. Encourage the employees to participate in a survey to detect and prevent possible issues related to conflicts and poor interpersonal communication. This solution will also allow the managers to evaluate the employees’ satisfaction and identify the problems that require immediate resolution. There are many tools you can use for these purposes available online. This includes SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, and other handy alternatives. The truth is that many employees often hide their real feelings and worries. Anonymous service could help unveil the entire secret truth about the conflicts, toxic people, and other issues in the team.

Avoid Public Criticism

Sometimes people make mistakes. All the managers face this issue sooner or later. In most cases, the employees understand that they did wrong things and are feeling guilty. Of course, it is necessary to talk to the employee in a calm and diplomatic way. However, avoid any public criticism and blaming a person in front of the whole team. It is better to talk about a mistake or a wrong course in private not to make an employee feel uncomfortable or ashamed. Too many negative emotions are surely not good for a perfect team.

Encourage Making Friends

When the employees become friends, they are likely to solve all the working issues in a fast and stressless way. Furthermore, if your employees have friends at work, they are not likely to change their job. Performing the duties in a calm and friendly environment often makes a person happier and more confident in the future. By the way, if one of your employees is happy, chances are it will spread to the others, provided they are on friendly terms. Anyway, working in a team of outgoing and loyal people is always great. In case the employees love their job, they will likely become much more productive.

All in all, setting up a pleasant and healthy working environment is easier than you might think. Just encourage collaboration and friendship between the employees, use anonymous surveys to reveal any hidden conflicts, and try to fight gossip. It is also good to talk about mistakes with the employees in private and stay away from public criticism. The manager should be a communicative and easy-going person who is not afraid to take the responsibility for the entire team’s performance.

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