What Your Product’s Packaging Can Say About Your Business


There are thousands of companies that offer exclusively digital products, but even more exist that have physical ones for sale. When your company comes up with its products during the research and development phase, you probably spend a great deal of time ensuring they work the way they’re supposed to. You likely also try to make sure your product satisfies a customer pain point since that’s the best way to ensure a bestseller.

What some companies don’t necessarily realize, though, is how much a product’s packaging can say about not just that particular product but about the business itself. Let’s take a little bit of time to explore that concept now.

Your Logo

If you’re a company owner, and you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what should go on your product’s packaging, you should probably dedicate more time and energy to that aspect of your marketing. Your business’s success depends largely on the brand identity you establish, and your logo is the first step in that direction.

Your logo should go somewhere on every product package that ever hits store shelves. You should feature it prominently since you’re trying to encourage brand loyalty, and your logo alone might be what causes a would-be buyer to reach for your product rather than the one right next to it.

Accordingly, your marketing department should spend lots of time on your logo until they feel confident you have it right. You might want to set up focus groups that can look at different logo variations and give you their feedback about how each one makes them feel.

The Components that Make Up Your Packaging

You should pay attention to the materials out of which you compose your packaging. Maybe you’re using artificial ones like plastic, or perhaps you’re more into naturally-derived ones like cardboard and paper products.

Many people now look for recyclable product packaging when they buy things. Consumers might decide to give your product a try if you use all recyclable packaging, and they might shun your company if they see that you’re not environmentally conscious.

If you can state somewhere on your packaging that you use only recyclable materials, that might garner you some supporters that you could not otherwise expect. Some environmentally conscious individuals have deep pockets.

Your Tagline

You might remember certain taglines that have appeared on movie posters over the years. You can also probably think back and pluck company or ad campaign taglines from your memory. Think about ones like “Bada-da-da-da, I’m loving it” for McDonald’s. That’s effective marketing because it’s so memorable.

You should at least consider whether or not to put your tagline on your product’s packaging. If it’s not on the package itself, maybe you can put it on the bag in which you wrap the product. Either way, if someone sees that, it further drives your marketing efforts home.

Your Signature Colors

You might have some color scheme that you picked out which you feature in all of your ad content. You may want to use that color on your product packaging as well, at least to some extent.

Any brand that makes you think of a signature color is doing its job well. Often, you can match a color scheme to the product type that you make. For instance, you’ll usually want to use green for naturally-derived products.

What Does Your Product Packaging Say About Your Company Overall?

In the business arena, you can think of each product you put out like a company microcosm. Each single product that you pick up off a store shelf or that a customer can order online should speak volumes about what your company is all about, as well as your values.

If your product’s packaging makes the item itself look cheap and unattractive, that can devastate your company’s standing. Imagine if someone had never heard of your business before, and the first and only way they find out about it is through picking up one of your products within the package and looking at it.

What should they see? Presumably, in all instances, you want them to see a professional product that tells them your company is an industry competitor, not an amateur that’s punching above its weight class.

Don’t neglect product packaging. Every detail matters, just as much as every product detail itself. This type of minutia is how you win over dedicated customers who will keep coming back for more.


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