Why Should You Still Believe in Hand-to-Hand Flyer Distribution?


Flyers are one of the most popular promotional tools. Almost every brand has at some point or another distributed flyers to promote themselves or products/services.

With the advent of the internet and digital marketing, many people think that hand-to-hand flyer distribution may not convert. But it would help if you still believed in such offline promotion.

If you wonder why find out the reasons below:

Customer Information

To reach your target customers, you need to have crucial information about them. With cutting-edge technology and team effort from the operations, you can identify the perfect distribution places and events to access your potential customers.

Then, you can make decisions depending on demographic data such as – gender, age, ethnicity, income, and employment rate. You can get this information from trusted institutions such as the government and councils.

Understanding customers’ buying behavior is crucial to identify the perfect time slots for flyer distribution. Choose the days and time for distribution when you accept maximum orders from various customer segments. After that, distribute flyers at a time offering the highest chance to generate conversions.

Identify your competitors so you can address target customers near your competitors’ offices. Map your right delivery zones to avoid leaflet distribution in places that are outside those zones. Clients’ insight can also be a great source of data related to home and other delivery addresses.

Many customers accept orders to their office addresses instead of their residential address. So, gather this data to find out other possible areas to distribute flyers.

Tracking and AI Optimization

You should always aim to build measurable goals for your offline marketing campaign. You can merge your conversion and consumer segment data with collected data from many campaigns of various industries. The combination helps you identify the perfect flyer distribution areas and modify campaigns with short turnover times depending on performance.

You may use AI to track various metrics (like conversion rate by time or location) and optimize your offline marketing campaign consistently as and when required to meet your campaign objectives.

Quality Control

When it comes to the success of distributing your flyers personally to target customers, quality and transparency are two key determinants. You can track all your steps and objectives through GPS and then focus on extra quality assessments. Think about the total number of distributed flyers, check-in images, step tracking, and other things.

Moreover, unknown shoppers consistently check the quality of your objectives. You get to know and see everything without being present on the spot by accessing quality reporting through a platform. You don’t need to keep on guessing the numbers and status of flyer distribution.

Hiring and Training of Brand Ambassadors

If you distribute flyers in-person, don’t think you don’t need to recruit and train brand ambassadors. To present your brand enticingly, you should prioritize recruitment and training of brand ambassadors. You can take help from an agency to deal with the recruitment of distributors. They will follow strict rules and training schedules created exclusively for the flyer distributors’ recruitment.

Before the distributors start distributing your flyers, make them undergo hourly training and fill out the questionnaire with campaign-related information. If they do these things, you can distribute effectively and increase conversion rates.

A/B Testing and Promotional Offers Optimization

Flyers and leaflets attract much more eyeballs than digital marketing strategies. Offline marketing strategy is more about socializing and thus stays in the mind of target customers. Create a direct offer to boost brand awareness and conversions from a flyer or leaflet distribution campaign. Offer an incentive most of the time to customers in the form of discounts or freebies via discount codes.

Many people decide to conduct an A/B test for their initial campaigns to identify the most lucrative offers for a flyer campaign. With state-of-the-art technologies, you get clear information through your platform regarding which offer works the best. Such information helps to optimize your future campaigns.

Enhancing the Look and Feel

When building your flyer distribution campaign, you need to pick the perfect design and format. To improve the performance of your campaign, add bold colors and clear messaging on the front of layers. You can add extra information on their back.

Your customers will never like a dull and poorly formatted flyer. To make your flyer shine, you should use high-quality paper that adds shine to visual elements. People would love to touch such papers.

Bottom Line

Hand-to-hand flyer distribution can still work and generate high revenues in today’s digitally savvy world if you do it correctly. Moreover, when you distribute flyers in-person, you get the chance to interact personally with them, which increases conversions.


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