Why You Must Have an Explainer Video for Your Business Website


For any business to thrive, it requires proper marketing, which will attract enough individuals. It might be a challenge choosing the best marketing tool since not all marketing methods are effective. One of the best tools for marketing is having an explainer video on your business website. Below are the reasons why you need to have an explainer video on your business website:

Showcase Your Business Brand

This type of video will help your business explain to your audience about the products and services your business deal in and how it is offered. All the information about your business brand can be boring when done in writing only, but when accompanied with an explainer video, it will help explain to your audience where they did not perfectly understand. Best-made explainer videos from experts like Punchy Digital will help showcase your brand well to potential customers.

Helps Your Customers Retain Information

Studies show that several individuals retain more of what they can see than what they hear. Therefore, when you have an explainer video on your website, it will help your audience to retain your business information and follow up on you later. Since most of your business information will be explained in the video, it will ease the time you will spend explaining your company. Customers will be able to retain most of your information and as well sharing them even without having to meet them. When a customer retains your business information, it will be much easier for them to buy from you.

Increased Customer Conversation Rates

Since videos are the best attention grabbers, you will be able to convert an audience into a customer when you accompany your content about a product with an explainer video. Although several business owners manually save or view the number of sales to identify the most popular product, Explainer videos automatically identifies the product or service that is most popular by displaying the number of views in each explainer video.

Can Easily Be Shared

The best thing about explainer video is that it does not necessarily have to be confined to your website only. There are free video hosting sites that have valuable tools that allow you to upload your videos and use them for marketing your business. Another good thing about the videos is that they can easily be shared and be viewed on smartphones. Since some of your sites may not be viewable on some handsets, videos can easily be shared on different social accounts and market your brand without having to view your web content.

Increases Your Web Traffic

Since video content on your website ranks higher on Google, having an explainer video will help your business to have increased web traffic. Several people having to view your content will enable your brand to be known. When the traffic is big enough, your video may go viral and enable your company to be over the world.

Many benefits are there for explainer videos on your business website besides successfully explaining your products, boosting sales, and gaining brand popularity. Working with sites like Punchy Digital will help you have the best explainer video on your website that will see your business growing to higher heights.


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