Essential Tips To Consider Before Hiring Or Buying A Shipping Container


Hiring a shipping container may be considerably complex and involving contrary to prevalent assumptions. Even after deciding the sea container you want, you still need to consider many actors before hiring the container. And because you are hiring the container for a temporary arrangement doesn’t mean you should agree to any container. And varying prices between hiring and buying, you should consider the less costly depending on the period you are hiring the container for, and it’s wise to consider hiring for temporary use, as you won’t worry about maintaining or disposing of the container after use. Below are some tips to consider before hiring a shipping container:


Determine the exact size of the container before hiring. The size should greatly depend on what you’re planning to carry in the container or your reason for renting. Renting one single large unit would be more economical than several small ones, and since the large ones are widely used, they are more readily available. Smaller-sized containers such as 10ft ones are usually more expensive due to the labor involved since they are cut down from larger containers.

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Even though shipping containers are with no doubt durable, they are also to breakage. For this reason, you must first check that the container is in good condition before you go ahead with hiring or buying it.  Check both the interior and exterior walls, floor, and roof in particular. Even a tiny hole in the container may facilitate moisture entrance, thus contaminating your container and damaging your goods. Also, make sure that the doors, the locks, and the hinges are free from rust and are in good condition. The material used should also be durable and be corrosion-resistant steel. Choose SCF shipping containers and enjoy the best shipping containers that will guaranty your goods’ safety.


The duration of hiring the container is another aspect you need to clarify before renting the container. And since you don’t want to stay with it beyond the agreed date of the return, make sure to extend your rental duration a little bit more than the time you intend to use it. Thus, if any occurrence that will require you to use the container a little longer, you won’t need to rehire. Many container companies also offer discounts for longer-term leases, thus may be more cost-effective in the long run.


You will need to arrange an insurance policy against all risks and be responsible for any stock shipped in the container. Make sure to know all your responsibilities under your agreement before renting.


Pre-establish an itinerary while transporting your container that specifies its exact route, delivering agent, and how it will be positioned. Certain roads, such as those within the power lines, those with tunnels and trees, may not be ideal for transporting particular containers and can cause a significant accident.

Choosing SCF shipping containers helps keep your goods in good condition as they will provide you with quality shipping contains and strong warranties that will cover any damage. Consider containers with good doors to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.


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