Business School 101: Everything You Need to Know About Starting and Growing a Business


Starting a new business can be very thrilling. However, it demands adequate research of all the legal, financial, operational, logistical, and market-related challenges that might come about. There are exemplary instances of successful business startups turning into billion-dollar companies like WhatsApp and Facebook, to name a few.

New startup businesses often bring in innovative ideas for a product or service. These visionary concepts are fueled by the minds of fresh graduates who pursue to achieve milestones. Formal education and a well-structured business plan can make a business stand out in the competitive market. Here are a few tips for starting your own business.

  • Degree in Business Administration

Looking at the world today where entrepreneurship is thriving, a degree in Business Administration could be an asset. Training in the respective field can aid in commencing a business commendably. According to U.S Small Business Association, thirty percent of businesses tend to fail in the first two years due to mismanagement of financial resources and lack of a well-structured business plan. A General Master of Business Administration Degree can teach an individual the fundamentals of business and management that can assist in developing a smooth functioning business model.

  • Highlighting your Niche

There are diverse business models that range from small to large scale. The first step to start a business is defining your niche. It can be done by considering specific market needs, production quality, and target market demographics. A new company or business is registered with sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. There should be a clear understanding of what type of firm is to be registered. Identifying the product or service scope is paramount as the market is saturated and in dire need of ingenious ideas to float.

  • Identifying the Target Audience

One of the major stakeholders in starting a new business is the target audience. Extensive user analysis should be done to determine the need of the user. Many firms collapse due to insufficient user research and the introduction of a product without a need. The influence of a product or service on its users should be considered when determining its success. It is essential to identify a target market to define its design, packaging, price, promotion, and distribution.

  • Understanding Financial dynamics

Finances play a role in defining the scale of the startup. You should have a budget in place before you begin. That includes a full breakdown of the money you’ll need to get started and keep the business going. You should also explore small interest loans and other financial resources like subsidized funds for a new startup. The right allocation of funds is one of the main concerns and problems for new startup businesses.

  • Building up a team

A skilled workforce is required for starting a new business. At the start of the business, it may not be easy to hire a large team; thus, look for efficient small-scale hirings like freelancers and consultants. This way, costs will be cut down for the initial stages of the business. They can be allocated to other things like marketing.

  • Performing Precedent Studies

A precedent study is another crucial tool for a new startup. Obtaining a master’s degree in Business Administration makes you develop a critical understanding of various business case studies. You get an insight into successful and failed business models. Thus, studying previous stats and data can help you make informed decisions about your business through comparative analysis in similar situations.

Starting a business is very exciting and maybe successful by an individual’s perpetual motivation and efforts. However, sustaining it is what makes you an entrepreneur. Discussing some ways to grow a business are as follows.

  1. Effective Marketing techniques

Effective marketing is the key to success for a growing business. Social and print media marketing has a massive influence in engaging many users. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content marketing, and press releases could also add volumes to the brand name and make it stand out in the market. A Business Administration degree focuses on marketing strategies and user experience. A good marketing strategy can lead to an increase in business sales and increase revenue generation.

  1. Staying Updated with the Market Trends

In a competitive market, you have to thrive to keep the business relevant. The fast-paced, changing world is adamant about staying updated with the latest market trends and technology. You should know your competitors in the market to realize your standpoint. Keeping your market research very strong is essential, knowing the latest products or services launched by the competitors. It can be done by following various business journals, blogs, and social media platforms to launch various campaigns.

  1. User Feedback

Customer service should be top-notch for the user to be satisfied by the brand. Because user input may make or destroy a company, all consumer complaints should be addressed. It is an honest opinion for the brand’s growth. It gives the entrepreneur an understanding of which part is operating efficiently and what isn’t. Addressing the user feedback can help gain the users’ trust and increase the brand’s popularity.

  1. Reinvesting the profits

Finances are a major contributor to growing or expanding a business. You should do thoughtful budgeting and allocate a certain share of the profits back to the business for its growth. Investing in the business to launch new products or campaigns can help the business grow exponentially. The money can also be used for training and hiring more staff, upgrading the technology, etc.


Starting a new business is like a rollercoaster ride with its ups and downs. You need to put in a lot of effort to start a new business and sustain it. The right attitude, formal education, and a well-structured business plan can help achieve it and reach heights.

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