How To Design A Small Bathroom?


With the ever-increasing living costs, people are becoming more accepting of living in smaller homes. These smaller homes require you to be extra-efficient in terms of what you can keep in the house because of limited space. Similarly, you will also have to design or remodel your bathroom to maximize the available space.

This will require you to choose the most essential sanitaryware from the myriad of options available in the market. You will also have to ensure that your bathroom looks elegant and minimalist regardless of its size.

Choosing The Right Basin

Since you are going to have limited space, it is recommended to have a wall hung basin. Wall hung basins are clipped to the wall and do not require a pedestal. You can choose between different textures, designs and colours.

The most common type of shape for a wall hung basin is the box-shaped design, you can choose the colour and design pattern for it to give a personal touch.

Another option for a small confined bathroom is to use a semi pedestal basin. A semi pedestal basin is just like a wall hung basin but it conceals the drainage pipe with a pedestal of the same material as the basin.

Should I Save Space With The Toilet As Well?

No! Your toilet should be the only sanitaryware that should not be compromised on. You should make sure that the toilet you are going to choose is comfortable and supports you correctly. Although you can still choose an option that saves space such as a back to the wall toilet or a wall-hung toilet. These two options are minimalist and require much less space as compared to the conventional toilet designs.

The standard toilet will be your best bet because it has the standard dimensions and can easily accommodate you and anyone else.

Should I Get An Enclosed Showering Unit Or An Open Shower?

Since you are short on space, having a bathtub is out of options but you can still choose between an enclosed showering unit or an open shower design.

An enclosed showering unit can be bought from the market or you can have a custom made for your bathroom. A custom made enclosure will cost you more but it will be more practical considering you have limited space in your bathroom.

On the other hand, an open shower will be cheaper because it will only require you to install the shower and bath taps.


Designing a small bathroom will require you to be smart and creative while making sure that all of your essentials are present there. Make sure that the plumber you have hired has done all the fitting properly and you have not left any essential sanitaryware behind.

Remember, a bathroom is a daily use space so you should not compromise on the quality of material and items used in its design. You can buy your bathroom fittings from a trusted company such as Victoria Plum to have peace of mind and quality assurance.


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