How To Predict Future Fintech Trends


If you’re anything like me, you might ask yourself: what the heck is Fintech? Fintech combines finance and innovative technology, which means businesses use technology such as online payments to streamline their business.

When the pandemic hit, services such as online banking, online shopping, and other online activities became essential for me and the entire world. But as the pandemic responses extended, finance and technology became stronger. Nowadays, there are so many services online that I can’t seem to keep count!

Now, just like any trend anywhere, how would we predict what becomes popular in the world of Fintech? What can we see for the future of Fintech for our finances? How can financial services become future-ready?

Online Banking

Even before the pandemic started, online banking was on the rise, albeit not quite as strong. Not only do we perform online banking from the comfort of our homes, but we also receive faster service for more efficient banking. With more and more companies abiding by the rules of contactless service, stand-alone banks are becoming scarce.

Increasing M&A Activities

For fear of scarcity, banks are looking at mergers and acquisitions, which means two companies of the same type form together as one company to reduce costs or even reduce competition, giving the company a chance of survival in these difficult times. The most common of three types of mergers is the horizontal merger.

I reckon the days of standing in a long line on a Friday afternoon to deposit or cash a check are ending.

Companies Will Slowly Dive Deeper Into Fintech

I know what you’re thinking, “but companies have already dived into the world of Fintech! Online purchasing, hello?” I get it, but why not go deeper? We’re at the tip of the iceberg for Fintech.

Removing Traditional Banking Barriers

According to, “Financial institutions will look to whittle away the banking and payment barrier to offer a more seamless experience for consumers.

From Payment to Credit Functionality

It started with payments but will extend further into credit in 2022. Consumers won’t need to fill out a big form.” That sounds like a dream come true! We also have the option to create an account on the website we’re purchasing from, but this seems so much better. What would that look like? Would these advances make the payment process go by smoother?

Or will it be just as complicated as before? I’m excited to see it!

According to, “the global digital payments market will be worth $154 billion by 2025!” Speechless! I can just imagine that any purchase we make online, be it health care, recreational, or whatever we want, would be quite the experience for global digital payments to be worth so much.

Artificial Intelligence Solution Strategies

No, not robots that cannot perform funky dance moves. But artificial intelligence can be more than that. Just like online banking, AI solution strategies will also be on the rise.

Shopping from Anywhere

I was recently shopping for a pair of running shoes on my favorite site. The first thing that pops up is a sales associate asking if I need help with my purchase.

My figurative light bulb came on with the thought that this service can be done with AI and may even help us faster and more efficiently. And with that, we will also have machine learning technology, meaning that the AI program will be able to recognize patterns and can fulfill our answers that much faster.

Cost reduction

According to, “AI is projected to reduce bank operating costs by 22% around 2030. That could mean savings to the tune of $1 trillion ahead.” Do you think we could get state-of-the-art advanced Artificial intelligence?

Implementation of Voice-Search

We all know what a pain it is to talk to an automated voice service. Imagine being able to speak what you want from a company instead of speaking to someone on the phone.

Authoritative Answers

I still like the comfort of talking to someone because I can receive an instant answer, but it would make things a lot easier if I didn’t have to wait before an agent answered my call.

Be Heard! Voice Search Technology

According to, “More and more industries and banking institutions are adopting voice search- one of the latest technologies used in Fintech, and why wouldn’t they when it can save up to $3 billion.” Voice search could make things so much easier for the company and consumers.

Increase in Mobile App Uses

With integrating voice search, artificial intelligence solution strategies, and online banking, there is only so much room for mobile apps. We will be able to go shopping or deal with our finances with just a tap of our fingers and with the drop of our jaws.

Available On the Go – Anywhere, Anytime

According to, “With the incessantly growing popularity of mobile apps, many Fintech companies have started to tie up with the best banking & finance app development company to create impeccable digital solutions.”

We already use our phones for so many things like checking our email, updating our social media, watching funny videos, and so much more, so the ability to speak to our phones without calling a company will be one of the most advanced technological abilities of the century!

Wrapping Up

While only being in the early 2020s, Fintech has developed tremendously. The restrictions caused by pandemic responses worldwide, although it has taken a toll on all of us, companies included, has also given Fintech the firm push it needed to allow these services to aid us, just by using the device in the palm of our hands.

It’s exciting to see what Fintech has in store for us over the next few years, never mind decades. I for one, can’t wait

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