How to Promote Your Tax Accountancy Firm


Tax season is in full swing, and if you have a tax accountancy firm, it’s time to start promoting to make sure you get as much business as possible! But it can be tough to know how to promote your firm without seeming overly pushy or wasting limited marketing dollars.

This guide will break down how you can promote your tax accountancy firm effectively and through multiple channels. Let’s get started.

SEO Strategies – How to Improve On-Site SEO

The best way to promote your tax accounting firm is to hit the number one spot on Google for target keywords. To do that, you’ll need to master search engine optimization or SEO strategies.

The practice of search engine optimization means tailoring your core and marketing content so it ranks more highly with Google’s search engine algorithms. When you do this, your site will “score” higher to Google and people will be more likely to find your site when they search for targeted keywords.

How can you boost your site’s SEO?

There are many aspects to smart SEO for your accounting firm’s website and promotional materials. For example:

  • Content and keyword use. Researching keywords related to your industry or local area through Google Analytics and other tools can help you place words on the right pages throughout your website
  • Content posting schedules. Sites that post high-quality content regularly are seen as more legitimate and high-value by Google’s search engine algorithms
  • Linking strategies, both to authoritative sources and other pages across your website

If you want to promote your accounting firm successfully, you should focus on improving SEO across all three of these pillars. For example:

  • Redo your written content, such as your contact or “About Us” pages and employee profiles. The better the content uses certain keywords, the more optimized it will be. However, make sure your content feels like it’s written by a human. Stuffing your content with keywords is never the trick
  • Post new content regularly on the site blog about related but informative topics. For example, you can make regular guest blog posts for accounting tips or strategies your clients can use when they are looking for help
  • Be sure that your site’s various pages are linked to one another intelligently but with restraint. Don’t link everything on every page – use links as helpful funnels to bring traffic to specific areas, such as your contact page

All in all, improving your site’s SEO will do wonders for promoting your firm naturally but effectively.

Blogging Boosts

Speaking of blogging, you should look into blogging about your firm’s area of expertise regularly. This does two things:

  • It solidifies you as an expert in your field, as well as improving your site’s Google search engine ranking
  • It provides people with informative and entertaining content that may convince them to hire you for your services

Consistent blogging means Google will be more likely to rank your content for relevant keywords (such as “tax accounting”, etc.).

Blogging is a great way to prove your firm’s worth, even if it gives out some free tips that you’d prefer your clients to get from you directly.

Social Media Marketing – Make Content That Works

Social media is the number one way to engage with your potential clients or target consumers these days, so you should create marketing content specifically for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

By creating high-quality content that converts browsers to clients or contacts, you’ll improve your firm’s reputation and bring in more business at the same time. Google loves high-quality social media marketing content as well.

But you can’t just make any social media marketing content or ads. You need to make sure you create content that really sings and draws in your target audience.

Therefore, we’d highly recommend using tools like PosterMyWall: a graphic design-only tool that’s a good fit for all kinds of small businesses, including accounting firms, when they need to create high-quality social media content.

As a dedicated graphic design tool for beginners, it offers customizable and scalable social media marketing content solutions for almost anything you can imagine. You’ll be able to create posters, videos, flyers, and much more using PosterMyWall. All of that content can then be used for your social media marketing campaign.

Email Newsletters to Past and Current Clients

One of the best ways to get the attention of past and current clients is to send out email newsletters. Email newsletters have the ability to draw in new business by reminding past and current clients that you’re ready and willing to help them with whatever accounting problems they have.

You can get the email addresses of past and current clients in a few different ways. One of the most successful methods is to ask for an email address when a new client contacts your office. That way, you’ll have the email address of anyone who does business with you no matter what.

Email newsletters are incredibly cost effective since you can make a single letter and send it out to dozens or even hundreds of potential clients.

Physical Flyers Work, Too

Depending on the focus of your tax accounting firm, you may draw a lot or even a majority of your business from a specific geographic area, such as your home city or even a few neighborhoods. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to create physical flyers to promote your tax accounting services.

Physical flyers may draw the eye of people who are out on the town doing other errands or looking for an accounting firm they can see in person. While physical flyers aren’t as cost-effective as digital ads or email newsletters, they might have great conversion rates per flyer printed if you make them attractive enough.

Remember, you can always use graphic design tools like PosterMyWall to help you create top-tier ads and physical flyers to print out at any computer station.

Ask for Reviews from Current Clients

Lastly, don’t underestimate the promotional power of testimonials. Ask all your satisfied current or existing clients for positive reviews using platforms like Yelp, Google, and more. Studies show that up to 84% of people trust online reviews as much as reviews from friends or family, so having a bunch of positive reviews to point to will do wonders for getting new business for your firm.

Similarly, you might consider crafting a dedicated testimonial page for your firm’s website. This page can have quoted, real reviews from previous clients and act as a helpful resource for converting new clients to your business. Just be sure to include a “contact” button on your testimonial page!


Ultimately, there are many ways in which you can effectively promote your tax accounting firm, especially online and through the use of certain tools. For the best results, you’ll want to combine several of these methods to boost conversion across the board and ensure that new clients see your business first when searching for particular keywords. Good luck!


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