Keeping Your Home Safe Without Compromising Its Aesthetic Appeal


Home is where we expect to be the safest. It’s a sanctuary of privacy and the place where we and our loved ones tend to be the most vulnerable. With this in mind, it’s no surprise many homeowners opt to invest in various forms of security for their house.

While there’s no substitute for peace of mind, the major problem with many of these security features is how much they interfere with the aesthetic appeal of a residential property. We want our homes to be safe, but we also want them to look good too.

Fortunately for homeowners in this position, a few options exist that enable them to keep their homes safe and secure without compromising on the aesthetic appeal:

Smartly-Placed Cameras

While surveillance cameras of decades past were bulky, ugly, and expensive, today’s options are small, wireless, and affordable. What’s more, modern security cameras for homes are capable of capturing footage in high definition quality, enhancing their effectiveness. When thoughtfully positioned around the premises, these cameras can achieve all-encompassing surveillance which can be viewed and monitored remotely via smartphone or tablet. It’s a great way to keep your home secure without making it look like a police station.

Well-Designed Walls and Fences

Many homeowners interested in having fencing or walls installed for added privacy focus on finding the cheapest option available. Unfortunately, from an aesthetic point-of-view, these choices tend to be less-than-ideal. If you’ve ever seen the roof of a house jutting out from behind a 6-foot white vinyl privacy fence, you know what we’re talking about. Assuming your budget has room to wiggle, consider going for something a little more harmonious with the house itself. It’s a few hundred dollars more for a significant increase in curb appeal.

Durable Doors and Windows

Have you ever approached someone’s beautiful front door, knocked, and realized it’s hollow on the inside? For would-be burglars, these types of entryways are a firm kick away from leading them to what’s inside. Spend the extra money and have solid doors installed at outside entry points to the house. Similar to the fencing, these doors are unlikely to be the cheapest choice in the catalog if you’re also looking for something that looks nice, but it’s a major deterrent for crooks. The same goes for the windows of the house; window frames need to be solidly built with firm locks that are easy to latch from the inside but impossible to manipulate from the outside.

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Sensible Lighting

The look of a home’s exterior during non-daylight hours is significantly influenced by lighting. This should be balanced with the benefits of exterior lighting for the sake of security. This means focusing on walkways and places which are easy for someone to conceal themselves in the dark, without blasting the outside of your residence with spotlight levels of illumination.

Good Habits

The best way to have a safe home while preserving its aesthetic appeal is by developing good habits that promote security. Making sure doors and windows are locked, remembering to set the alarm, and being vigilant when exiting or entering the home are critical for maintaining the safety and security of a residence. By having everyone who lives there follow these and other habits that promote safety, you’re less likely to have to depend on the intrusive and cumbersome installations and add-ons that might make your property look more like a fortress than a home.

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure at home. But for those who put a premium on the aesthetic appeal of their property, making a house more secure could impede on their dream design. Luckily for them, several options exist for having a safe home that still looks fantastic.


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