3 Key Benefits of Local SEO Services for Your Small Business!


Business marketing has changed tremendously as the world becomes more digitized every day. People today gain information on businesses and the products they sell with a simple Google search on their phones.

For instance, take out your phone and Google ‘best pizza restaurant’. Google will provide you with a comprehensive list of various pizza outlets for you to consider. As you peruse through the list, you might find that the list comprises locally-owned outlets within your city or the closest to where you are at the moment.

That right there is the power of local SEO. So let’s take a deeper look at what it entails and reach out to Nush Marketing Solutions to learn more about local SEO.

What Is Local SEO

Local SEO (search engine optimization) focuses on driving the most amount of traffic to a website by according it a higher ranking in the local SERPs (search engine result pages). As a result, an optimized website will have a better chance of showing up among the top results of a Google search.

To understand how local SEO services work, you first need to know how Google operates. The rationale behind the concept is very simple.

When someone makes a search query on Google, the search engine uses an algorithm determined by several ranking factors to give the user the most relevant results.

Now, consider that over 200 million people in the United States use Google on their phones. This means that a lot of people may buy from a certain business merely out of convenience.

Yes, optimizing your website for local SEO will make it more prominent, influencing how relevant it is to Google search queries. But if your local location isn’t picked up in a search, your SEO efforts won’t be of much benefit to people looking to buy quickly and in person.

Due to the smartphones’ location features, Google is able to find out exactly where users are. This has made local SEO services vital to marketing for small businesses.

Here’s a detailed walkthrough of 3 key benefits you should expect from investing in local SEO.

Benefits of Local SEO for Small Businesses

1) Make Sure Your Business Stays Competitive

The business world is becoming competitive each day. But that’s the cut-throat nature of capitalism. However, local SEO can help you gain an edge over your business rivals by building local brand awareness.

Local SEO gets your brand name in front of people who conduct relevant local searches within your community.

Consider two bakeries in close proximity to each other selling the same products. One bakery, however, has an optimized local SEO presence while the other is still relying on traditional marketing efforts or generalized SEO.

In this era of digitization, which of the two do you think customers will frequent the most?

Even if you’re selling higher quality products at a better price, you will miss out on sales if you don’t prioritize local SEO. Even if they don’t buy from you instantaneously, they will call you up when they need your products or services.

Brand awareness will allow you to catapult your position ahead of their competition in the online space. However, it is only possible with a comprehensive and well-executed local SEO strategy.

2) Increase Web Traffic

The very essence of SEO, more so local SEO, involves marketing your business. Its primary purpose is to help you find more customers by increasing the number of visitors to your website or online store.

As highlighted above, local SEO helps businesses gain a higher ranking on Google. Therefore, it stands to reason that companies with the best local SEO efforts are well-placed to connect with customers looking for their products or services.

This is especially true if you have a physical store.

When you target local consumers, you encourage web traffic from people who may actually come to your store.

A broadened SEO strategy might place you on the third or fourth page of a Google search. This means mobile users with limited time may not know about your business. But a localized SEO strategy will mean you show up more frequently in local searches and have more people clicking on your website link to learn more about your business.

3) Build Trust Within Your Community

To thrive as a small business, you need your community to trust you as a reliable and authoritative business within your respective field. One way of doing so is through localized SEO efforts.

Not only will it improve your company’s sales, but it will also solidify your place within the local community. Customers tend to trust the listings that appear at the top of the SERPs, so if your business ranks favorably among the search results, your target market will consequentially trust your business.

A higher ranking implies your business has a strong reputation in its field. This will compel customers to believe you are the right company to work with.

Additionally, you’ll create a good sense of community among your target audience. As you gain more brand awareness, local customers will likely buy from you. This will keep commerce within your region, helping your local economy thrive in return.

With strong brand visibility online, you will also have more opportunities to partner with other local businesses and organizations, culminating in thriving relationships to everyone’s benefit, including the community at large.

In Need of Local SEO Services?

Imagine running your business without any branding on it – no names and no signage whatsoever, even on the windows. It will be very difficult for potential customers looking for a product you’re selling to just pop in out of curiosity. This scenario is the same as running a website without optimization.

But if you brand your store properly, you will likely attract a lot of customers off the street. Likewise, you can expect similar results if you put in the effort to optimize your website for local searches.

While many small business owners realize just how critical SEO is as a marketing strategy, most don’t have the expertise to optimize their websites. For this reason, you need to consider working with a marketing company that provides reliable and affordable local SEO services.

Keep in mind that if you don’t leverage local SEO, you might be competing for space with bigger companies across the country with a much bigger budget.


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