7 Types Of Professionals That Can Benefit From Transcription Services


Transcription is a field that has experienced rapid growth in a short period of time. The conversion of an oral file, primarily from a video or an audio, into text-based document is what transcription services are all about!

We live in a highly digitised world where information is available in abundance. A lot of it is oral which means, people from a number of industries and niches need it documented. This is where transcribers come into the picture to create accurate transcription of files which can then be repurposed and used by a range of businesses and clients.

So, if you are wondering whether your profession can benefit from expert uk transcription services, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’ve discussed the 7 types of industries that can potentially leverage top-notch transcription to tip the scales in their favour!

Let’s take a look!

1) Law Firms and Solicitors

Transcribers have been quite popular in the legal profession for quite some time and for obvious reasons. Be it court reporters, divorce lawyers, paralegals or attorneys and law firms in general, legal transcription services will always remain in demand.

Be it witness statements, court hearings, video or audio evidence or depositions, a majority of legal activities are transcribed to make them easily accessible to juries, solicitors and judges. Law and justice have no room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding which makes transcription indispensable in this industry.

2) Healthcare and Medical Professionals

Healthcare is another industry where there can be no room for error as at times, the situation can be quite serious. It’s important to document all the information relating to a patient that highlight all the notes, procedures, medications and any other relevant information or material administered and used to treat a patient.

This makes transcription not just a necessity, but a requirement in the field of medicine.

3) Market Researchers

Market research is an intense and extensive affair that requires a considerable amount of work. It involves gathering feedback from various interviews and focus groups along with other methods to outreach and collate all the information in a way that makes sense.

You will want all this information to be documented, which means you need to make the most of the best transcription services available. To ensure that the data you have is clean, accurate and correct with exact responses from the participants of your research, you need to work with a proficient team of transcription experts.

You can then proceed to review the many nuances of the reactions and observations that make the information at hand useful.

4) Academic Lecturers and Professionals

Academic transcription is a goldmine of benefits for both students and teachers alike. Class lectures, videos and conferences along with other source materials can be recorded and used for research papers and dissertations. Since education from several different colleges and prestigious universities is now accessible online, including lecture transcripts has become a must have.

This also includes various educational podcasts and YouTube videos that can help students and other avid learners absorb information effectively.

5) Events and Keynote Speakers

If you are hosting an event, it is best to get your keynote speech transcribed to properly document and distribute it. Also, you can ensure that your speech stays available and relevant for future audiences.

Giving a keynote speech is a big deal and you’d want to boost and intensify its reach. A transcribed version of your speech will act as the perfect marketing tool in making this happen.

6) Content Curators and Strategists

Content creators in the media industry can specifically benefit from professional transcription services as the entertainment websites, web series and movies can have a far better reach and impact on a global audience. Content derived through transcription can also be repurposed for several other materials and sources which makes transcription extremely useful here.

7) SEO and Digital Marketing Experts

Digital marketing and better ranking on search engines is all the rage today. As an expert in this field, you can use the expertise of transcribers to convert audio files like webinars and podcasts into potential text that can be used to create blog posts, articles, e-books, white papers, testimonials and more!

What’s more you can optimise long tail keywords to give your overall SEO an almighty boost. At the same time, you can use transcribed text to play alongside a video you’ve created and viewers will have subtitles to refer to. They can also search for specific keywords to jump to that particular spot in the video without trying too hard to find a particular piece of information.

Why Leverage Transcription Services

Depending on the nature of your business and the services and products you offer, your transcription requirements are bound to vary. One thing is absolutely clear though – the amount of content that an average business needs to get transcribed and documented for further use is gradually increasing.

As a professional, use this to your advantage for improving your customer service, internal training and marketing tactics.

Partner with a team of professionals for quality transcription services!


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