A Complete Guide On How To Choose The Right Drawer Slide


Updating your kitchen or outfitting your new cabinetry can be a daunting task, especially when selecting the right drawer slide. There are many options to choose from. Mostly, it would be best if you judged your new drawer slide using basic essential characteristics like the features and benefits of different types of slides. You will find different types of sliding drawers; some are simple while others are sophisticated. Some of the other factors to look at are:

1) Type of Mounting

Read, then reread the manufactures installations, even before you have designed the cabinet into which you plan to use heavy duty rails (schwerlastschienen) drawer slides. The drawer slide mount types include side-mount, center-mount, and under-mount.  What will determine your mounting type is the space between your drawer box and the cabinet opening.

2) Length of The Drawer

To determine the length of the drawer slide, you need to measure the box, not the drawer front. Instead, measure from the back to the front of the box without including the face of the drawer. To get accurate measurements, you need to remove the drawer from the cabinet, measure your length and width, examine the cabinet’s interior ad if it suits you, take it with you. Slides sizes range from 10″ to 28″ with other sizes available for unique complications.

3) Drawer Slide Extension

Installing a full extension drawer slide will help you access the deepest part of the drawer. The other drawer is when ¾ of it remains in the cabinet as an economical option when full access is not an issue. The over-travel type of extension allows the drawer to open beyond the full extension giving you complete access to the underneath countertops.

4) Weight Rating

Think of a weight that the drawer can easily support since it’s the essential factor. They usually come with a load rating or load capacity specification. They will tell you the maximum load or weight the rawer decline can handle before failure. It would be best if you did not go over the limit as a slight increase in weight could lead your drawer slide to failure. The way you fasten your drawer will also determine how much weight it can hold. They are rated 75, 100, or 150 pounds or 200 pounds in some specialty slides.

5) Finishing

Not choosing the proper metal finishing for a drawer slide may affect the function and lifespan of the metal. Finishing with a protective chemical layer will assist the metallic surface in resisting corrosion and protecting them from environmental elements.  Companies use black, zinc, and white electro coat weather-resistant in their finishes for their carbon steels. Choosing the right drawer slide with a good finishing may be challenging; therefore, it is recommended to purchase from reliable manufacturers for superb slide finishing.

Drawer slides made of heavy duty rails (schwerlastschienen) do not bend nor become sloppy even with seasonal humidity changes. They also add the look of a drawer, speed the process of the drawer, making, and the result looks sleek and works well.


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