Amy Schumer Says She Doesn’t Regret Getting Liposuction


Plastic surgery may be popular, but this doesn’t mean that everyone is eager to talk about getting work done – especially not celebrities. Even though they’re expected to look picture-perfect at all times, most of them are hesitant to open up about their procedures; in fact, it’s common to deny even the most obvious surgical alterations.

This doesn’t seem to be the case with Amy Schumer, though; she’s talked on social media, interviews, and podcasts about her decision to get liposuction, as well as the fact that it’s affected her life in positive ways. And the reaction? It’s pretty much been favorable so far. Whether they’re fans or not, most people appreciate her honesty.

If you’re considering plastic surgery yourself, you might want to take a page from Amy Schumer’s book. There’s less stigma than ever surrounding elective cosmetic procedures; if you join the growing number of people who openly talk about using plastic surgery to improve their looks, you might be pleasantly surprised at the reaction you get.

Why did Amy Schumer change her mind about getting liposuction?

One interesting feature of Amy Schumer’s story is that she started out saying that she would never get work done. After all, her schtick was being a comedian, not being hot, and she was fine with that. She even used to think that the idea of liposuction was crazy. So what changed? For one thing, she had a baby in her late 30s, and her body just hadn’t returned to normal by the time she hit 40. She said that she got tired of relying on walking and grilled chicken to give her the body she wanted; her diet and lifestyle strategies just weren’t moving her forward anymore.

Plus, she pointed out that everyone who spends a lot of time on camera is getting these types of procedures done – so why not her? The decision was even easier for her after considering how well she healed from getting a c-section, an appendectomy, and a hysterectomy; she was confident that if she got liposuction as well, she would have a fairly uncomplicated recovery. Apparently, that was exactly what happened – and she says that she loves how her body looks after getting liposuction.

This openness about cosmetic procedures might be rare among celebrities, but it isn’t that unusual for Amy Schumer; she’s already been honest about how other circumstances have affected her physical and mental health. For example, she shared last year that her endometriosis had led to a hysterectomy, which obviously impacts her plans to add more children to the family. This candid approach gives people a realistic look at how plastic surgery can have benefits in someone’s life, even someone who gets as much public scrutiny as Amy Schumer.

Plastic surgery improved her life; does that mean it could do the same for you?

On the surface, plastic surgery is pretty simple. If you’re unhappy about the way you look, there are hundreds of procedures available that could bring your body closer to what you see as ideal.

Especially if you are lucky enough to live in a country with the highest standards, like many practices in cities throughout the U.S., from unknown doctors in Kansas to popular ones such as Schulman Plastic Surgery in NYC. If you look at how these procedures are used on a case-by-case basis, though, it’s a little more complicated than that.

For example, some people could get obsessed with “plastic perfection”, and end up developing an addiction to plastic surgery. Other people get invasive procedures done due to pressure from a partner, family members, or society at large. Then there are the teenagers who are convinced that a rhinoplasty will make them more popular at school. Even though cosmetic procedures are supposed to be a positive thing, they aren’t always used that way.

That being said, research does support the idea that plastic surgery is generally beneficial for your self-esteem. For example, not all surgeries are done for purely aesthetic reasons; some of them are necessary to correct things like a cleft lip, or asymmetrical breasts. However, even the “unnecessary” surgeries like liposuction, facial fillers, or facelifts generally have a good effect on the recipients’ self-image.

One study followed two groups of people to find out the overall effects of plastic surgery. The first group had already undergone various cosmetic procedures, while the second group contained people who hadn’t undergone plastic surgery, but were considering it. The study periodically measured indicators like life satisfaction levels, positive self-image, and mental health status in both groups, and found that they were consistently superior in the first group of people.

This sounds great for plastic surgery, but other studies haven’t come to the same conclusion. Not necessarily because the first study was wrong, but because it probably included mainly adults. Another study followed about 1,500 teenage girls over a period of 13 years; most of them obviously didn’t receive plastic surgery, but 78 of them did.

The study found that there was more anxiety and depression present in the girls who got cosmetic procedures done compared to the others; it also revealed that the surgeries didn’t do much to alleviate the symptoms that they were supposed to (at least partially) address.

So where does that leave you if you want to get plastic surgery yourself? Well, as long as you’re an adult who’s capable of making rational decisions, there probably isn’t anything wrong with it. There are a few other considerations, of course; for instance, you should make sure that you’re getting the procedure for your own sake, not someone else’s. It’s also important to consider your physical health, which will greatly impact your risk of complications during and after the procedure.

It could also depend on the type of surgery you’re interested in. Do you want to get a mommy makeover, which often involves several procedures at once, or do you just want to get a non-surgical rhinoplasty to temporarily tweak the shape of your nose? If you’re really interested in exploring your options, maybe it’s time to book an appointment with a plastic surgeon; this will shed more light on the topic, and give you greater confidence in whatever decision you end up making.


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