10 Best Ways To Deliver A Great Customer Service


Customer service is necessary for any established business or startup. It is even more important now with how fast-paced the business market is. There is high competition, especially in the service business and what makes them stand out is the customer experience. Thus, customer service is an art that must touch your customers and deliver delight.

Here are ten ways through which you can become an exceptional customer service professional.

1) Be friendly

The most significant rule to become a good customer service representative is to be friendly. You must follow good values and greet your customers. You must have a smile on your face because a smile can create a fabulous impact on your customers. It will not only make your day but theirs as well. Self-esteem matters a lot. Stay efficient and give proper solutions to their problems. Stay kind and show empathy. There might be a time when the customer would be frustrated and angry. You need to stay calm in this situation and handle it professionally.

2) Respond promptly

You need to be quick and efficient. The most important point in customer care is a quick and effective response. If you give a speedy response to their queries, they will like your attitude and appreciate you. For instance, the Internet offered by Medicom. Being one of the top internet providers, Mediacom customer service provides 24/7 support and a great user interface to help clients online too. The speedy the service, the more satisfied the clients. So,  answer all phone calls and emails within 24 hours. You must ensure the customers that you are there for them in case of any issue. This builds trust among them.

3) Know your product or service

Stay informed about the products you are selling. If you are a customer service representative, you are not simply bound to answer the queries but you must be informed too. Remain aware of the features and functionalities of products. Tell them about the pros and cons of your product. Stay kind and truthful.

4) Listen to your customers

Build the habit of listening. Try to listen to the queries of your customer instead of simply telling him the solution. Listening not only helps to solve problems but you might end up learning something new. There are times when customers need to be heard. Listen and implement their suggestions, it will make them feel like they belong.

5) Small gestures go a long way

Sometimes, a small gesture of love from your side can make someone’s day. Always use greeting words with your customers. Bid them farewell with a soothing thank you. They will remember this Thank you and it will give them a sense of family. There are times when your customers will be more like a family and that’s only possible if you treat them like a family. Below are some creative ways through which you can thank your customers.

  • Send them a Thankyou note
  • Give them free samples
  • Give incentives and discounts
  • Some gig extras

6) Get to know your customers

You need to understand the psyche of your customer to understand them. Know your customer better and focus on their body language while talking to them. The more you know your customer, the easier it gets to deal with them in case of complications. Follow these tips to know your customers:

  • Ask questions: Ask related questions from your customers. This will help you understand their psychology.
  • Social media usage: Use social media to get the customers’ feedback. You can arrange different surveys and post regular content on your social media platform to engage your customers.

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Never stop your customers from giving their feedback. No matter what sort of feedback they give, it will always help you to improve yourself.

7) Use the feedback you receive

Feedback can help you grow. Utilize it for your growth in a good manner. Ponder of your customer’s response and take advantage of it. It’s a piece of free advice for you. Keep some time out of your hectic schedule to review your client’s feedback and try to make changes in your module.

8) Focus on relationships

Create a very healthy relationship with your customers. This will make them stick to your company. The best way to get repeated business is to focus on relationships and goals. Show them that you care about them.  Give them one-to-one consultations and greet them on special occasions.

9) Keep your promises

If your promise is with your customer, you must make sure to fulfill the promise. Show them that you are loyal to them and they matter to you. Commitment is very important. If you commit to someone, you should try your level best to fulfill your commitment

10) Follow up with customers at a later date

Keep a follow-up with your customers. Once you sell a product or provide a service to your clients, call them for a follow-up and ask them about their feedback. This creates a remarkable impression on the customers that you care for them even after selling your products. Give them a guarantee of the product to go beyond their expectations. Talking with customers who are out of touch for a long time might help you get some business and also make them feel special.

Final Comment

Customer service is a great way to boost your business reputation and perception too. Small things go a long way, even small and simple gestures like “Thank you, we hope you liked your visit” or “Please come again, we’ll be delighted to serve you”, even such words make a big impact. So imagine what simple steps to better customer service may do for you both your business, perception, reputation, and, even sales or growth.


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