Female Leadership: 8 Tips For Adopting a “Winning Position”


Building your career and moving forward in your professional life are objectives that develop with work…

…but also (and perhaps above all) with a dose of strategy and a reflection on your positioning.

If a question arises for any employee, additional conditions are imposed on women.

Awareness of this reality allows employees to take a moment to analyze their situation and find solutions to the blockages they may encounter..

…whether external or internal!

That’s being said.. 

Here are some tips that help you be in the winning position

  1. Make yourself known

Working well is important… but making it known is essential!

The continuous pitfall, especially among women, would be the lack of recognition!

You may expect that because you do “a good job” or even because you are the best of your team, you will be noticed and praised..

Unfortunately, disappointment will very often be there.

It is therefore imperative to forget the belief that doing well is enough to make people know..

You have to imagine a strategy to make your work known and recognized.

  1. Don’t always seek perfection

Often associated with the previous point.. The will to want to do (too) well.

Excellence is important, but it is different from perfection! 

Perfection leads to an over quality which is not remunerated in the career, and which leads to overwork.

So, it is important to determine when perfection is actually required – which is often possible afterwards.

This will not only save your energy, but also your time!

Therefore, you can invest in other steps, like to let people know how competent you are, for example!

  1. Evaluate yourself

The well-known phenomenon of self-censorship is the biggest obstacle to success

It is this great inner barrier that will hold you back when, reading the job description, we are going to focus on the 10% that does not correspond to us.

This exact feeling is so strong…

It leads us to be convinced that we cannot claim the position.

…that we will not be able to do it, that we will not have the skills, and that we will not be legitimate to occupy the position.

That boil down to this:

It is important to stop focusing on what you cannot do, and instead learn to know your own strengths – which you rarely know well.

And the more obvious, the less we see them..

Give it close attention..

If you yourself have trouble discerning your professional and personal qualities, work on it.

Try to understand your strengths and weaknesses.. and take action accordingly!

  1. Prepare yourself physically

It may sound simple, but it’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

First, for what we communicate to others without really being aware of it.

In general, it takes you around thirty seconds to know how the situation will unfold and the person you have in front of you.

How then to control these involuntary messages?

Simple answer: By convincing yourself.

Because this dimension of the non-verbal, which relates to the body, influences our mind and the way we perceive ourselves..

Our body language shapes who we are!

That’s being said… 

To mentally adopt a winning position, you have to adopt it physically.

For example, before an important moment (and in a place where you will be quiet), take a position that represents power … or raise your arms high to make the V for victory!

  1. Expand your circle

As you will have a clear image now, 

.. in parallel with your work, you have to work on your interpersonal skills and develop your professional network.

The network is important, both externally and internally..

It is indeed to make yourself known outside the legal department…

Why? because -in most cases- the support that you might need will not come only from your manager or your direct colleagues.

If this relationship is not natural for you, preparation is the key! 

Some ideas: 

Have three or four short sentences to say to the manager as you pass in the elevator.

Set goals for yourself when you need to go to an event.

Also, give yourself a fixed time, each week, to develop or maintain this professional network

  1. Consider other women

It is important for women to stay connected with one another and promote each other.

Indeed, if you hear of an opportunity to promote an acquaintance or a colleague, “sticking together” is important.

A virtuous circle will, for sure, reward you later.. 

..because you do not know how the next opportunity will arrive!

  1. Play down.

It’s also simple, but crucial advice. 

Apart from certain situations that can turn out to be complicated or critical, you have to learn to play down.

First, faced with failure!

.. such as not being selected for a position!

Questioning is good, but learning to reason with yourself too.

A professional career is also a matter of choice, on your side as that of the recruiter.

You have to accept that you did your best and that it didn’t work, ” and thus admit that this is not where you should be.

Then, once the situation passes..

…with a little hindsight, we quickly realize that the risk is limited. And then, we feel a little more free to get started!

  1. Be authentic

All of these tips may give the impression that you need to become a real ace at strategy, and consider every move.

Yes… but no!

While you do have to become more proactive in your progression and to take that “winning position”, it doesn’t mean disguising your personality or adopting ways that are unlike you.

On the contrary…

You have to have authentic leadership. Be yourself, and do it your way.

Don’t go there with specific goals, but to meet people and create a relationship

Because people will remember, above all, the exchange you had..

… and do not fear your peculiarities, and think outside the box!

Keep in mind, though, the professional network is not always done within the standards!


Dema JS is the founder of newbabysmell.com and a mother of two little kids.

Dema had her MBA from St. John’s University- NYC in dual concentrations: Executive Management and Marketing Management.

Contact: Email dema@newbabysmell.com



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