How To Register And Start A Business In New York


Starting a business takes hard work and dedication, but it’s also an exhilarating rush to see an idea through to fruition. To ensure your new business venture succeeds, understanding the ins and outs of getting your brilliant idea to become a reality is essential. One of the key points to research is what are the local requirements for registering a business. Here’s how to begin a start-up in New York that you will be proud of.


Coming up with an idea of often the easy part, with inspiration striking at any moment. However, taking that idea and turning it into a viable business model requires leg work to research how to make it happen, or if it even should. Look at the relevant industry to find out if similar companies exist and how you can distinguish your idea from them. Beginning to create a business proposal lets you note down the findings and cost analysis. At this stage, you ought to understand whether to continue, shelve it, or adjust things.

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Once you’ve decided your business model is looking viable, continue creating that business plan, as it’ll be required when applying for funding. It needs to show estimates of start-up costs and projections of income growth. Including information regarding accounting for how you will invoice clients and suppliers paid is essential. An online invoice generator is an excellent option for new businesses, giving professional results.


To begin the registration process, you must first choose which business structure to apply to your business. Various options are available from Sole Proprietor to S Corp, all offering differing levels of protection and benefits. Once this decision is made, the company can be registered with the New York Department of State and become official. Your company will also have an official name for filling in official paperwork.

Licencing And Permits

As with all states, New York has a variety of licenses and permits that businesses require to operate legally. Approach your municipal and county clerks for local permit information, while the NY State Department is the go-to for state requirements. Getting this paperwork sorted early in the process ensures the company isn’t hit with unnecessary fines down the line.

Business Banking

Although this shiny new company is your pride and joy, keeping its finances separate from your personal banking is essential. As a registered business, there shouldn’t be any issues applying for a business bank account. Shop for the best deal for your needs, as some business accounts have fees and minimum deposits. While your start-up is in its early days, opting for a basic account is a valid option, with other financial products able to be added later.

Once you’ve undertaken these steps, your business is an official entity in New York that can hire employees, apply for business funding, and tell the world about its existence. Congratulations! The hard work isn’t over with growing a customer base and working towards profit, but you’ve done the most challenging part.


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