How to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone without Him Knowing


If you think that your boyfriends might be cheating on you and want to find it out by tracking his smartphone, then this ultimate guide is for you. We will show you the best and easiest method to track and monitor the activities of any smartphone.

Doesn’t matter whether your boyfriends have an iPhone or an Android. With this method, you’ll be able to track boyfriend’s phone in no time.

The best part is that you do not need to root, reset, or jailbreak any device to use this method. Instead, you can simply install a mini set up on their device or verify it using the iCloud credentials of an iPhone.

Here are a few things about phone monitoring and whether it is safe or not.

What is Phone Monitoring? Is it Safe to Use?

Phone monitoring is an online process to track the activities of a smartphone. It requires a web-based application to do the work.

If you are concerned about the privacy of this method, you do not need to worry anymore. Your and your boyfriend’s critical data will be secured from exposure to anyone. The security of one’s data depends on the application you use to track someone’s smartphone. We recommend Safespy that focuses on providing a safe phone monitoring experience with its encrypted server

Here’s everything you need to know about this application.


As we discussed earlier, here is the best application that will allow you to monitor any smartphone’s activities onto your screen. Safespy is one of the oldest and trustworthy applications you will ever come across. Its advanced features help you find out whatever you like about the targeted device. Yes, know what they know and see what they see. You’ll be able to monitor their activities easily.

Safespy has a simple yet powerful layout that is easy to use. Not to mention, it is quite suitable even for experts, and of course for beginners as well.

However, you might not be able to fully optimize Safespy or any other phone monitoring application considering you’ve never done that before. But you don’t have to worry about that, later we will show you the complete process to monitor as well as a brief explanation of all the features.

How to Start Tracking With Safespy

Here comes the part you might be waiting for. Now we will show you the whole process step-by-step in detail how you can start monitoring any device. So let’s get started with the first step;

Step1: Create an Account

You would’ve already known as well that first, you need to sign up and create an account on Safespy. You can sign up for free. Just go to the official website of Safespy, click on sign up and enter your name, E-mail, and create a strong password.

Yes, it would be better if you make a strong password to get maximum security. Try to mix symbols and numbers in your own way.

Step2: Subscribe to a Membership

Then you would like to subscribe to a membership. There’s a bunch of them available for every type of person and their needs. From advanced to basic, it depends on you which one you’ll choose.

Basically, the advanced memberships allow you to monitor more than one device at the same time. While the basic one only lets you monitor one device at a time. So it completely depends on you.

Step3: Verify the Device

The last wall step is to verify their device. To do this, you need to install a small 2MB setup on the targeted device. It can be downloaded from the setup guide on the official website of this platform. Also, you will receive the setup at your registered email address.

It won’t take too much time, so you wouldn’t need to hold the smartphone of your boyfriend for so long. Once the device is verified, head to the next step.

Step4- Monitor

Now you can go back to your account and select the feature section from the dashboard. You would be able to see all the features this website has to offer. Single click on a feature you like and see what they see in their smartphone. Below are the features that will help you get data from the smartphone.

Tip: Refer to the youtube video on its homepage to learn more about it.

Advanced Features

Here we’ve briefly described some commonly-used and most advanced features of Safespy. Make sure to get an idea of every feature described below:

  • Location Tracker: As its name suggests, this feature allows you to track the real-time live location of the targeted device. It is 100% accurate. Additionally, there is an option of 3D street-view that is awesome. It helps look at the details more clearly.
  • Message Tracker: This feature allows you to monitor all the incoming and outgoing messages of the targeted device. It is so easy. Everything in a simple way will be right in front of you. All you gotta do is click on the message tracker.
  • WhatsApp Tracker: This is the most used feature on Safespy. With the increasing popularity of WhatsApp, it has become an important critical data keeper of every person. The best way to find out about someone’s royalty will probably be to check their WhatsApp activity. Therefore, this feature will open their WhatsApp in front of you like a book!
  • Stealth Mode: Here is one of the most advanced features on Safespy. Stealth Mode is a feature that is loved by every person. As it keeps you hidden from everyone as well as the targeted device. This is the feature you can use to track your boyfriend’s smartphone without letting him know. He won’t be able to find out that you’re monitoring them. And not only that, it secures your details from them as well. So don’t miss the opportunity to use Stealth Mode.

Final Words

You no longer need to rely on those useless applications to track your boyfriend’s activities. Applications like Safespy provide the most reliable platform to perform phone monitoring activities.

This application lets you check every installed app from the targeted device. Thus, you will never fall out of options while monitoring someone’s activities.


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