The Best Gold Bar Brands to Buy for your Investment Portfolio


You might be in the market for the best gold bars that you would want to get as an investment. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for you in the form of traditional gold bars and coins. However, before you decide to buy these tangible assets, you need to do some research.

Also, be aware that there might be a big difference between investing in coins and bars. Another thing is that they were all not created to be equal, so you might want to find the best companies and dealerships that will help you get the most out of your money.

Generally, what you’re looking for is a gold bar or ingot that will get higher returns in the long run and so you could benefit from them. The next step you should decide on is which products to buy from which companies. Know that the best gold bars to buy for investment are found from select manufacturers with a trustworthy name in the industry. You may want to check them and see what they offer through the link provided.

Most coins and bullion share the same characteristics, and they are often used as a hedge on other assets like ETFs and equities. Also, they are more reliable than when you choose to hold fiat currencies, and this store of value is not going to be changing regardless of the type you choose.

The quality of the ingots is essential, and this is given more emphasis if you’re looking for gold as a retirement vehicle.

About the Precious Metals Companies

There are gold companies that offer many services like brokerage and assistance with precious metals IRA when it comes to assisting in rolling over the funds. Investors may want to buy gold most of the time, but they can’t do so with their traditional individual retirement accounts that only accept stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and other paper assets.

So, the companies can assist with rolling over the funds from the traditional IRA to the self-directed one so investors can begin adding coins and bullion to their portfolios.

This is one of the award-winning and leading companies aiming to help various clients understand more about the process and protect their investments. With these brands, you’ll be able to balance the volatility of the bond and stock markets with the precious metals.

All the related paperwork and processes will be smoother, and clients will be able to get the assistance that they need when they purchase their assets. With this said, some of your options for gold bars that can pass the IRA standards are the following:

Credit Suisse

The PAMP or Credit Suisse gold bars were manufactured by the financial and international conglomerate and a group of the same name. The manufacturers are the Produits Artistiques et Metaux Precieux (PAMP), and they are the popular ones worldwide. The design has an identifying and unique serial number, and it’s pretty simple.

With no other complex designs, this generally lowers the overall cost and premium, making it an excellent guarantee that you can get a return on investment. The fineness often consists of .9999, and the IRS approves them for an individual retirement account. If you only have to purchase a single bar, choose Credit Suisse.

Valcambi Gold CombiBar

For people who are looking for more unique designs in their gold bars, then the CombiBar might be an excellent option for them. This was first introduced by Valcambi, which is a Swiss company. The bullion often weighs around 50 grams, and they were designed to fit in one’s pocket or wallet.

Each bullion is divisible into individual one-gram, and they can be portable, easy to be broken apart and even accepted as a form of currency. The fineness is at .9999, and they are approved to be included in your IRA. In cases of recession and sudden stock market downturns, you would generally want them in your holdings instead of the usual credit card.

Johnson Matthey

This is a British company with a solid history of precious metals production. They were also the official coin producer of silver in the UK during the year 1946. Being able to cater to the gold and silver industries, the manufacturers have since enjoyed the popularity and influx of customers.

Most of the bullion comes in various refinements, shapes, designs, and sizes. Instead of undergoing the usual expensive minting process that other manufacturers do, the Johnson Matthey is generally just a cast of the ingot, which essentially reduces the premiums of the investors. The JM bars have the .9999 fineness, and they are popular and trusted around the world. This is undoubtedly an excellent addition to your portfolio.


Engelhard is a metals company that has been operating for centuries and is based in the US. They might have the same levels as the other manufacturers on the list, but they have the occasional odd shape and increasing rarity that many people are looking for. They can be attractive for many, although they can mean an increase in premiums.

Most of the bars have unique serial numbers with markings on them. They come in minted or cast form. If you want to buy online, this company is worth considering. Learn more about a gold bar on this site here.

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint has produced world-famous gold minted bars, and they can range from half an ounce to about 1000 oz in weight. However, many people think it’s too expensive to buy the branded 1000 and 400 oz bullion. This is where the series offer more affordable options in the form of 20, 10, and 5 grams.

There are also 1 to 10 oz available, and the designs include the hopping kangaroo where it’s packaged in display cards. The tamper-proof card is often a standard and attractive option for individuals. The Perth Mint is a well-renowned institution that has been producing high-quality bullion for years, and they definitely are a must-try.


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