5 Tips for Attracting Customers to Your Salon

Attracting Customers

You offer great hair treatments, employ excellent stylists, and boast a trendy treatment menu, but you’re having trouble attracting enough customers to keep your beauty or hair salon profitable. Your failures may not have anything to do with the quality of your service. First, consider whether you’re doing everything you can to lower overhead costs and labor costs to turn a profit. Next, think about other small mistakes you may be making.

Is the customer service you offer the best it can be? Do your clients have the best customer experience when they enter your beauty salon? Do you have the best salon equipment and the trendiest treatments? If you’re still wondering what you’re doing wrong, read on for a few tips.

1. Offer Outstanding Customer Service

An easy way to ensure customers return to your beauty salon is to improve your after-service interactions. Set up a contact center so you can ensure the excellent customer experience isn’t limited to salon treatments. It’s a good idea to handle a third-party call center software company to help you do this. With options like omnichannel contact center software, you can ensure a personal customer experience without any hassle.

Instead of letting bots handle queries and calls, a cloud contact center solution is a better idea. For business users, costly professional services are not always feasible. However, a reputable contact center that offers reliability and competitive prices is not so difficult to find. Consider a company like Bright Pattern to help improve your salon’s customer service options. They provide excellent integration and an advanced cloud-first approach to call center management.

2. Improve your Salon Equipment

Happy customers lead to better customer ratings, so consider whether they’re getting the best experience inside your salon. Start by sprucing up your salon furniture. Your furniture is a large part of your ambience, so make sure the vibe is updated. Also, don’t skimp on your beauty salon equipment.

Everything from comfortable salon chairs to durable barber equipment and well-designed facial beds can change how customers view your business. Consider an online vendor for your salon equipment if you can’t afford to spend too much on luxury brands. You can get a reputable brand like Keller International, which offers everything from dryer chairs to the dryers themselves at competitive prices. Remember, customer love to luxuriate when they visit your salon and better equipment will help ensure better customer experiences.

3. Establish an Online Presence

You can have the best accessories and equipment, and you can hire the best stylists there are. However, customers still aren’t streaming into your salon, and you can’t figure out why. Consider taking a look at your online presence. Online customer interaction and a social media presence are more important than you think.

Encourage clients to leave customer ratings and reviews online, share before and after pictures, and interact with potential customers. Also, make sure you clean up your social media and website to project the best image. Hire a designer, put up excellent pictures of your salon and your treatments, and update customers about new therapies. Staying active online is the best way to increase your reach and attract customers to your salon.

4. Start a Referral Program

Customers will feel encouraged to visit more often and bring in new customers if you set up a referral program. Also, offer loyalty discounts for regular customers. Consider improving customer satisfaction with attractive offers, the best price on treatments, and gift cards. For example, offer a free manicure with a hair coloring treatment or samples of new products.

5. Introduce New Treatments

Customers can get bored if they encounter the same old menu every time they visit your salon. For your beauty salon to continue to attract customers, switch up your menu once in a while. Offer new types of manicure treatments or hire an exceptional stylist for a limited amount of time. Set up unique pedicure spa treatments or introduce other massage and spa services. The smallest switch in your menu can help attract customers into your salon.


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