Top Wedding Blogs in 2020 you Should’t Miss


Whether we admit it or not, most of us have a dream of the Special Day of our weddings to be just perfect and magical in every possible way. And, of course, even the tiniest detail has to play out exactly how you see fits best. 

However, what usually happens is that we never take a realistic look at these things until the engagement ring is sparkling on the finger, and the date of the wedding is set. As a result, we are completely lost and stressed with no idea how to pull off the dream wedding. What comes next is that we buy a huge wedding paper planner and obsessively fill it in, getting bothered with the stuff that we both need and don`t need.

This perspective doesn’t sound appealing this way, and the magical “happily ever after” looks like a myth after all this mess. Yet, of course, there is a way to avoid it. 

As we never cease to repeat, knowledge is power. For this reason, the main recommendation we are standing up with today is catching up with the latest news and trends in the wedding world while reading the top wedding blogs. 

Create the wedding of your dreams with the help of professionals 

Of course, it is always easier and faster to complete any project following the professional experience. For this reason, we suggest using the information only from reliable resources. Even though it may sound downright pathetic, when it comes to the wedding — every detail matters, and even the tiniest issue, like the uncomfortable shoes for the bride or the wrong flower combination, can ruin the day. At least this is what it will look like when you spend months obsessively getting prepared for this special day.

Another thing to bear in mind when doing your wedding research is to make sure you get the information from equally qualified resources that represent different budget categories. This is very important to get all kinds of tips to make your budget more flexible. 

For example, if you only find the advice from VOGUE bridal sections’ pages, your expenses can get higher than you planned.  Whereas you only intend to research the budget-friendly wedding blogs, they will keep you away from spending slightly more on your special day. As a result, you can get not just an ascetic or minimalistic wedding, as we usually call it these days, but merely a cheap one. That doesn’t sound like a line from a dream, right?

However, if you study several different resources, you would know your options to spare and spend your money. This way, you will learn how to pick, let’s say, the budget-free location of your wedding, but to get the stunning statement bridal outfits and the exquisite flower bouquets. Here is our guide to the top Instagram wedding blogs you should read in 2020: 

  • Oncewed – offers a great collection of wedding galleries;
  • Green Wedding Shoes – a great resource of inspiration for those who are planning on a tight budget;
  • 100 Layer Cake check out this blog if you are out of ideas for an unforgettable bachelorette party;
  • Ruffled this one is great to look for unconventional wedding décor ideas;
  • Love My Dress got all lost and confused, looking for a perfect dress? Thank us later – this is a perfect resource for you! 

Share your experience with others!

As you can see, what an average person has to do to get the wedding of the dreams is, at least, to read tons of information, which they will hardly need after the wedding. This situation means that there is a wonderful niche on the market, where you can quickly get the leading positions if you are making things right. 

If you share the pain of all the issues that may come up while preparing a wedding, why not share your experience with the others. Now, after you went through all the wedding mess and magic, or if you are just about to start, you can critically evaluate the information your social media audience might find valuable, share your failing and successful experiences, tips, opinions, etc.

However, try not to burden yourself with unnecessary information and spare your social media audience as well. In case you have never considered this opportunity to help other people out, we offer some first steps for you to take while developing your wedding blog.

First steps to take developing a slick wedding blog 

First things first, you have to make decisions regarding the content plan. The best tip to choose your topics right is to, of course, perform background research on what they usually post on the wedding blogs. Yet what you can also do is put yourself in your readers` shoes and think of what kind of content you would like to see. On top of that, right from the beginning, you should start thinking about proper promotion.

There is another way around in case you do not want to bother yourself with all the complications on your way to success. The backlinks are one of the most powerful methods to use while gaining your audience and making your blog one of the most popular on the market. Check out the most trustworthy backlink service for blogs. You can learn more about this method in some of our previous articles.

However, before posting any kind of information, you always have to tell your audience something about you; preferably, you should mention some facts about your life that would motivate you to start this wedding blog in the first place. 

Bearing in mind all the content aspects we just mentioned, let us give you some ideas for your first 11 posts on your new wedding blog: 

  • How did I get here?
  • All the nightmares of my wedding ( if you are in the post bridal stage).
  • Best locations for the dream wedding.
  • The dream wedding. How much can it cost you? 
  • How to make up the perfect wedding gift list? 
  • Top-20 small tips that will make the wedding preparation easier.
  • Is it necessary to get a professional wedding planner?
  • Stressless wedding. Is it even possible?
  • Choosing the style of your wedding.
  • Finding the perfect menu to make all your guests happy.
  • Avoiding wedding cliches. Modern creative things to make your wedding unique. 

Nevertheless, we fully understand how difficult it can be to launch a blog without any suitable background or experience successfully. Yet, as we never cease to say, knowledge is power, so all you need to be successful with your blog is the proper usage of valuable information. For this reason, we recommend you to visit some specialized resources, where the top professionals of the media and digital industry regularly share interesting articles, tips, and tutorials that work. 


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