5 Benefits Of Using Animated Videos As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy


In case you have been thinking about incorporating animated videos in your marketing strategy for a while now, but you cannot seem to decide whether that’s a good idea or not, then you are definitely not alone. A lot of people go through that particular stage of trying to decide before they actually make that one important step and start using animations as a means of advertising their brand. So, it’s no wonder that you are having the same thoughts and issues and that making this decision doesn’t come quite lightly to you.

After all, no business decision comes lightly, and especially not the one that has to do with marketing and with the way you are presenting yourself to your audience. Or, better yet, no business decision like this should come lightly. We can all agree on the fact that some people tend not to think things through before making a move that will determine the future of their whole company. You, however, are clearly not one of those reckless individuals. I can tell that from the fact that you are here, getting informed about animated videos before deciding to use them.

Well, to be perfectly honest, there seem to be some great reasons why doing that should be your next marketing move, as explained on this website: Four Reasons Why Your Next Marketing Move Should Be A Whiteboard Animation Video

Nevertheless, I get your concern and your idea about getting thoroughly informed before making such a significant decision, which is why I have created a list of some of the benefits that come with using animated videos as part of your marketing strategy. If you continue reading, you will get properly familiar with those benefits and that will help you make your final decision on whether you want to use those animations or not. It’s time to get to the bottom of that, so here we go.

1) It Can Strengthen Your Customer Base

One of the most significant things that every single business needs to do is retain its customers. I am sure that you are not looking for one-time clients that will forget about your company altogether after visiting it once and that won’t return. If that’s your goal, then you will most likely go out of business pretty soon. Oh, okay, I suppose that there’s absolutely no way this is your goal and that you are actually quite interested in strengthening your customer base.

Well, animated videos provide you with the opportunity to successfully and effectively do that. These work by regularly engaging your audience and reminding them of you. That ultimately leads to building a great reputation and having your customer associate your brand with positive things. This is exactly how you strengthen your customer base, build trust and gain loyal clients.

2) It Can Bring New Customers

While strengthening the existing customer base is undeniably extremely important, you shouldn’t forget the fact that you should also try to gain new customers. Once again, animated videos can help you in this particular endeavor because they are created in such a way that is bound to grab people’s interest and get them curious about what it is that your brand is actually all about. By grabbing people’s interest, you are bound to turn them into paying customers rather quickly.

3) It’s All Pretty Simple

We are all used to marketing strategies being quite complicated to employ and that’s probably why some people give up on certain techniques altogether even before they give them a go. Well, here’s the first thing I have to say. Even though some techniques might be quite complicated, your business won’t be able to survive without them, meaning that putting in the necessary effort is definitely worth it. So, don’t even try to give up.

Yet, I can definitely understand the frustration of dealing with certain rather complex stuff without even knowing whether you will get something in return. That’s not the case with these videos that I’m talking about today. Basically, your task will be to find the perfect animated whiteboard software that will make this whole process extremely easy, meaning that you won’t get frustrated with the complexity of the technique. Simplicity is the cornerstone of whiteboard animated videos and, as we can certainly all agree, beauty lies in simplicity most of the times.

4) It Decreases Bounce Rate & Increases Conversion Rate

The bounce rate is probably one of the most annoying things that people have to deal with once they set up a website for their business. A high bounce rate indicates that you are doing something wrong and that people aren’t amused and engaged enough to stick around on your site after visiting it. Consequently, since they won’t stick around, your conversion rate is bound to be pretty low, which is definitely a cause for concern.

The practice has shown that animated whiteboard videos work towards decreasing the bounce rate, which is definitely quite logical, since they are entertaining and engaging, and that’s something that people will stick around for. On top of that, it’s been proved that they can also help increase the conversion rate and I am sure this doesn’t come as a huge surprise, since people are more likely to check out your website thoroughly and in detail after being amused with the perfect animated video. Thus, they are far more likely to turn into paying customers, which is what you were aiming for all along.

5) It’s Cost-Effective

I am pretty sure that you are concerned about the cost of this particular strategy, as you most certainly need to be budget-cautious when it comes to your particular business. Well, if that’s what you were worried about, then I have some pretty good news for you. Once you find the right software for you, whiteboard animated videos will be highly cost-effective, since they are definitely not expensive and they do offer a high ROI. Remember, though, that you should choose the particular piece of software carefully.

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