Auto Giant Tesla Can Be Procured for Bitcoin: Elon Musk


When Elon Musk, the auto giant in the west based company Tesla allows his consumers to pay Bitcoin as their payment, he simply stunned many. Since then, we hear about him doing a lot of stuff in digital currency, including investing millions in it. Today, we hear him saying that his company can be procured for buying bitcoin in the US. He was the man who has procured around 1.5 Billion USD based bitcoins on the internet and thus even announced that he can accept digital currency in the form of payment. Now, he openly says on the microblogging site called Twitter that he can even sell his company for Bitcoin or can be sold for the same.  His website soon was able to explain to his customers how they can procure different vehicles from his company using digital currency. The company has announced that customers can buy its electric vehicles usually that could cost between 37,990 to 124K USD before tax.

The consumers staying outside the US have the option of buying the vehicles from the company using bitcoin this year, claimed the CEO without worrying about any other things. For accepting the payments, one can see both Musk and his company now opening up their open-source software along with their internal systems.  He was even seen adding the fact that Tesla will be giving its nod once it hears about such transactions taking place in order to check the computer network working at par with the bitcoin taking place with the transactions just to avoid the digital currency from being invested for several times. The company has come up with the refund policy that claims that the company would be adding cautions to the buyers that would help to return the electric vehicles in order to get the refund, and thus the company is seen choosing as much money one can pay in the form of US dollars or digital currency.

With the refund policy, one can find the firm coming up with the caution that will help the buyers to get the vehicles in exchange for the digital money and in case they want a refund, they can be seen getting paid the US dollars as well or bitcoin. However, the company has the rights reserved for the same as to how they would pay and what would be the exact cost of bitcoin that is seen giving back to the customers. The company is seen coming up with caution as well, which is important to check when it comes to buying the products. This could help in helping the company to benefit from the higher price swing when it comes to digital currency or even the fiat currency when we talk about leaving the customers along with reducing things to be done with the entitled way that deals with doing the refunds as far as the US dollar-based transactions are concerned.

As per Daniel Ives, one can find several analysts from the company called Wedbush feels that the research coming in the recent past from the company is not expected from Tesla when it comes to starting the idea of accepting bitcoin payments till we see it reaching the second half this year. This can be seen coming up with the seminal moment for the company and the digital currency world that comes with Musk that is seen coming up for cutting the red ribbon based on Bitcoin transactions that are seen coming up with the Tesla ecosystem claims the expert, The company further said that more than 5 per cent of the transactions are taking through bitcoin that comes to 12 to 18 months that could have checked things in a much higher way. For more on it, check the resource place and – get free access.

The company’s image is seen growing a lot in an environment-friendly way when it comes to the car company that is seen sitting over the odds along with the bitcoin network with a huge amount of carbon footprint. There are several researchers based at the University of Cambridge who are seen talking about electricity on an annual basis. There are many more similar reports that claim that the carbon emission produced due to bitcoin mining is alone responsible for future global warming.


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