Different Types Of Faucets For Your Bathroom


The faucets commonly referred to as taps in our ordinary households, provide an exotic look to your household and bathroom. These faucets are available in great design and variety, depending on the user’s requirements. Some standard faucets are discussed below, but various users still go for customized faucets.

These customized faucets are built per customer requirements. Still, the real issue with them is the availability of components for repair because sometimes the components are not available in the market.

Bridge Faucet

These are unique types of faucets that display an authentic design that enhances the bathroom’s exotic view. The bridge faucet has a very different design because, in this design, the handles are not connected to the faucet itself but the sink directly.

A handle is placed on each end of the faucet, and when the handle is moved, the flow begins, and both handles and faucet are connected via a pipe.

These faucets are mainly used in restaurants or old buildings to provide an authentic look.

Centre Set

This is the most commonly used faucet set with one or two handles based on the user’s requirements, and this is an average faucet used in households. These faucets are available in great variety and are the cheapest faucets. One doesn’t need to worry about their availability in the market to be found in various sizes, and its components are easily found.

Single Handle

As their name suggests, the single-handle faucets are simple in shape with one handle placed on the top, and these faucets provide a cylindrical flow of water that spreads the flow evenly. These single-handle faucets are used for various purposes because they make it much easier to manage a singular flow.

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Spread Fit

The spread fit faucet is similar to a bridge faucet in design, but the primary difference between the bridge faucet and spread fit is the pipe joining all three components. So in the spread, fit the handles and faucet and place some distance apart on the surface, and you can easily regulate flow by moving the handles.


The sprinkle faucet is a unique type of faucet because it provides a rectangular flow of water and is placed some height from the sink, making it easier to expand the flow. These sprinkle faucets look much more exotic, and when they are equipped with advanced technologies like motion detectors, it becomes more useful for users.


Various users wanted a different faucet design compared to the traditional ones, so wall-mounted faucets were introduced. Earlier, people mounted a faucet on a sink, and a user would move the handle, and the flow begins, but in the wall-mounted faucets, the faucet is engraved on the wall adjacent to the sink with handles at each end.

Much like wall-mounted faucets, you can also opt for other wall mounted places like shelves and safes. A safety vault supplier will offer multiple options for the same in different positions.


The bathtub faucets have a completely different purpose than other faucets because the bathtub faucets focus more on water outlets than design. After all, they aim to fill the tub at the earliest. So these faucets are mainly provided with a broader outlet that allows a streamlining water flow. Similar faucets are used in hotels as pot fillers because they can fill the vessels in very little time compared to other faucets.

Various Technologies In Faucets

Wi-Fi Controlled Faucets

There are various instances when you are leaving your home, realising that you left the tap open in the bathroom, or working and leaving the tap open to fill the bucket. So in such times, the advanced Wi-Fi-equipped plays a more significant role in making your work easier as you can control these faucets using your mobile phones.

You can download the application of the faucet company, and if the tap is open, then this will highlight that tap with a different colour, so it makes it easier for users to control the facets just with one tap on mobile. You can also enhance the aesthetic value by adding light controls to the Wi-Fi. Choose LED lights for it and get good deals from reliable led strip light factory.

Voice Automated Faucets

Suppose you are cooking something, and the pot in the sink has filled, and at the same instant, the food is getting overcooked so that you can stop, and the flow in the faucet will stop. These voice-automated faucets allow users to manage flow with their voice with some integrated commands specified by the user.

This is the best faucet for helping in cleaning a bathroom sink faucet tutorial because users can use faucets without touching them. It is especially helpful for moms who have to take care of their children and manage other work. They can be comfortable with these faucets and with a baby products supplier so that the baby is always in a protected environment.


Various users faced this issue because they could not drink the tap water directly, so companies designed the filter taps with a filter embedded in them, and with a simple tap or command, the filter starts. With the filter placed in the flow, users can receive the filtered water at the outlet.


Faucets are more critical in providing your household an exotic look than other components, so one must invest carefully in them. There are various factors and types of faucets, so you must check them thoroughly and choose the best one per their requirements.

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