Food labeling software: Choosing The Right Fit For Your Products


Sharing the nutritional information on food products with the consumers is important because it could enhance customer loyalty. Consumers need to know the amount per serving of cholesterol, calories, fat, sugars, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fibers contained in their food.

If you own a business that produces food products, then you need to focus on the kind of food labels your products have. Various food-labeling software platforms offering labeling services for food products include:


This nutritional labeling software debuted 17 years ago. It is an FDA approved food-labeling software because it provides accurate nutritional facts of food products. LabelCalc combines both technology and expert knowledge to provide you with accurate, reliable, and high quality information. LabelCalc works with registered dieticians who have experience in the food industry to create new nutrition labels and improve product recipes. You can hire the dietician to sample your food products and assist with the labeling process. The labeling software also offers a DIY format where you enter the ingredient information of your products and build their nutrition facts panel. The software provides a weight loss calculator, instant label download, allergen statement, ingredients statement, nutrition analysis report, and a serving size tool.

Seagull scientific

The company has a food and beverage labeling software known as BarTender. The label and bar-coding software provides traceability and labeling strategies to food processors, producers, manufacturers, and logistics providers all over the world. The software will help your business grow by providing accurate food and nutrition labels, food barcodes, and RFID tags. Although the platform does not have a DIY format, it will do all the work for you. Seagull’s software has in-built coding and business rules that will create labels that comply with the food industry standards. It will also enable the traceability of the supply chain and promote interoperability with your business partners.

The software is also able to link data from production and pricing data base files, weighing scales, ERP, WMS, and clocks to your labels.


This cloud-based software offers a DIY labeling platform and an inventory management and costing tool. After you have used to create your labels, a Recipal staffer then reviews your work. This software is easy to use and allows you to do all the work by yourself.

Bar coding

Apart from labeling food products, you can also start bar coding the products in your business. Bar coding reduces the risk of error during performance. When you are ringing up a customer, logging an inventory, or tracking a package, bar coding will minimize errors, thus reducing the time and energy you need to do them manually. Bar coding will also help you cut your firm’s costs. This is because paying your staff to track a package or log in an inventory is costlier than simply buying a barcode scanner. In a business, the prices of products are always changing. Updating the prices on products manually can also be time consuming and labor intensive. Instead of doing all this, you can simply update the price on the barcode database.

A labeling software makes the entire labeling process easy and fast. It also reduces the cost of doing business because you will rely on fewer employees to handle the whole process.


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