You Need To Know These Things Before Hiring New Employees


One cannot do it all alone. When you start a business, once it starts to grow, one immediately needs to hire other people to help you with managing your business. However, it is of immense importance that the people who you hire are sorted out and carefully picked whom you can totally rely up. Most people who start a business for the first time do not have an idea on what things and measures to gauge potential employees upon.

Following is a checklist that you should consider before hiring an employee to check whether he is a suitable fit for your business:

1) Education: This is extremely important. You need to make sure that the potential employee has the required education. You also need to be sure the degrees are real by requiring the degree to be attested and perhaps also confirming from the pertained University.

2) Criminal Record: You obviously do not want a dangerous convict to be working for you or a predator. Hence, you need to make sure that they’ve got a (mostly) clean record and will be suitable for working for your business.

3) Drug Addiction: You need to make sure that the candidate you hire is not addicted to drugs. Hence, for one, you can ask him or her yourself. Moreover, you can have a drug test conducted for the candidate after consulting with a lawyer.

4) Personality: You need to make sure that the person you hire is a suitable fit for your work environment and can easily fit and intermingle with your other employees. Otherwise, it would only result in chaos and problems for all.

5) Dress Code: The etiquette and dress must also be confirmed. It must be made clear to the employee if the business requires a certain dress code and the manner in which to behave with other fellow employees and the customers.

6) Assess Your Finances: Make sure that your business has enough funds to hire one more employee. You also need to make sure that the employee receives enough money for his services and qualities, but also within a proper budget.

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7) Health: You need to make sure that the employee is in fit condition and able to work properly. This is necessary because he must not carry any contagious disease and must be fit enough to complete the necessary tasks for his position.

8) Look For Startup Candidates: By this, I mean to hire candidates that have already previous worked in some small businesses/startups. It is, because while candidates from big firms might look quite attractive on paper, they won’t be able to fit seamlessly into a small business where the organization is not that efficient.

9) Consult A Lawyer: This is true for all the hiring process. You need to make sure that you are following the law every part of the process for your country and local state. From the hiring process up to creating employee handbooks, the best employment lawyer NYC will guide you on the things you need to know in handling employees.

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