How Can Creating Videos Help Sales Enablement Teams


Sales enablement is a relatively new term in sales, but the idea isn’t new at all.  Sales enablement is the art of making things easier for salespeople based on the needs of their prospects.  It can involve anything from content marketing efforts like nurturing campaigns and lead scoring to ensure that representatives have the right collateral and tools at their disposal. Another way of further improving sales prospects is through creating a video for sales enablement. This can make the information reach a larger audience much more efficiently.

One of the concepts that have gained momentum lately is including videos throughout your lead nurturing efforts. This type of content works well with leads because it’s informational, and you can send it before a lead needs it.

Examples Of Sales Enablement Videos

There are no specific examples of sales enablement videos. It solely depends on what will attract your client’s attention. However, a few innovative ideas can be inculcated the next time you are dealing with a client.

Example 1:  Webinar

If you’re hosting a webinar, why not record the content and make it available for your salespeople to use later.  That way, when they get on a call with a prospect who asks about the topic of the webinar (because they missed it), you can send them the link right away via email or in an instant message.

Example 2:  Demo

Whether you’re showing your product at trade shows or online meetings, recording product demos gives you another “selling tool” that’s ready to be used by the sales representatives.

You can see this approach used by companies to host regular user conferences where customers come together to share knowledge and best practices while learning from one another.

Example 3:  How-To Guides

You can produce some fantastic whiteboard videos on various topics.  These are How-To guides that salespeople can refer back to when they get stuck with specific tasks in their sales process.  They’re also great for customer success teams, who tend to get pulled into requests around new product features from the current customers.

Example 4:  Feature Walkthroughs

Walkthroughs are different from demos. They focus more on the actual user experience of your product – highlighting key features and functionalities of what’s available today, compared to what you have planned for the future.

It is an excellent ‘next step’ in your sales enablement efforts because you can cover the everyday basics and additionally highlight what’s coming so that prospects know to keep an eye on it.

Example 5:  Tips & Tricks

There are always smaller pieces of content out there among the big, informational chunks.  For instance, maybe you have a video on how to change your password in your application.  Or perhaps you produce an exciting tutorial on Gifographics (Gifographics are fun graphics that combine both images and gifs into one).

These short, helpful videos serve as great little reminders when representatives need them most – whether it’s during a call with a prospect or at the end of another long day.

Example 6:  Customer Success Stories

If you have customer case studies, why not turn them into a video for sales enablement?

It’s a great way to make existing stories come alive. It also gives your prospects insight into who has been using the product successfully and what kind of results they’ve gotten from it.

With all these examples, the key point to remember is that sales enablement videos should be highly informative and helpful. Also, it is not always crucial that all the videos have to be solely sales-oriented, but it should be kept in mind that their goal is to benefit salespeople — which means being more productive and organized.

How Often Should You Produce Sales Enablement Videos?

Once again, this will depend on your company’s culture and how quickly you develop these types of assets.  Does your team need to approve everything before it’s released? Or can they let individual teams go on their own with this type of content?

Regardless, the goal is to produce videos consistently — you don’t want a long gap between when you create a video for sales and when the next is published.  If a month is too long, aim for a weekly cadence instead — or even twice a week if possible! Make sure you benefit from features like personalized sales pages, prospector tracking, and analytics, and teleprompters to make the job easy for your salespeople.

Finally, the more these types of videos are in circulation, the better chance you have at turning more prospects into customers and winning deals faster. So get started today!


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