How Janitorial Services Benefit Your Business


So you’ve decided to hire a janitorial team to service your building — great choice!

Now you have to decide if you’re going to outsource the job to a company or bring on a team in-house.

While it may seem like an in-house janitor is the best decision, you will be surprised to learn the benefits that come with outsourcing a janitorial service.

Read more to learn about all the ways a janitorial service can help your company.

Cut Costs

Hiring an in-house janitorial team comes with a slew of surprise costs.

First, you’ll spend your valued time searching and interviewing a person or team to see who is the most qualified.

Then, you’ll have to go through the hassle of hiring new staff — and all of the paperwork that comes with it.

On top of that, you’ll be responsible for purchasing the never-ending line of products, equipment, supplies.

With an in-house janitorial team, there’s a good chance you won’t know where or how to seek out the most efficient equipment, leading to poor cleaning and the possibility of ruining floors or features on your building.

A professional janitorial service will come with top-tier cleaning equipment, and you won’t have to worry about restocking supplies like toilet paper or paper towels.

It’s easy to find a full-service janitorial team that will provide the equipment, supplies, and expertise necessary to get the job done.

In many cases, it doesn’t make sense for businesses to hire their own janitorial team.

Improve Employee Health

A dirty work environment not only can spread germs but also cause more detrimental health problems over time.

Everyone knows that germs spread sickness, and dust can set off employees’ allergies or asthma. What you may not know is that breathing in unclean air over long periods can lead to respiratory problems, severe headaches, and risks of cancer.

When employees and staff members are constantly sick, they’ll miss days at work. That leads to inefficiencies for your business, ultimately hurting your bottom line.

While our country is still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s vital to ensure that your facility is sanitized regularly to help combat the coronavirus.

Improved Customer Experience

First impressions are everything.

For a physical location, your facility represents who you are as a company and shows visitors how much (or little) you care about your building.

If you have a customer at your workplace and they notice any filth, they will likely take their business to a cleaner establishment. When a customer is presented with a spotless facility, the positive experience allows them to trust you more and enjoy being there.

Reduce Employee Turnover and Improved Morale

A consistently clean facility reduces employee turnover and boosts morale.

When you care for your facility, you care for your employees.

Employees working in a clean facility are more likely to be proud of the company they work for and will be more excited to come into work. On the other hand, employees who never have paper towels to use in the restroom, a clean place to take their lunch break, or clean and efficiently working equipment eventually get fed up, and morale drops.

Over time, this can lead to staff churn, since fed-up staff members will eventually take their skillsets elsewhere.

Hiring a janitorial service will ensure a clean facility that impresses top-tier talent and instills pride in the people who work for your company.

Prevent Larger Issues From Occurring

When dirt, grime, and dust are left on equipment or furniture, it causes problems in the long run.

Dust and mold can pile up in your vents, damaging air quality for everyone inside. When dust piles up on computer keyboards, PCs, or electronics, it can disrupt cooling and cut the devices’ lifetime short.

A routine cleaning schedule with a professional janitorial service will allow you to keep your equipment running efficiently and prevent more significant issues from popping up down the road.

Leverage a Janitorial Service for Your Workplace

Outsourcing a professional janitorial service over hiring an in-house team will provide many benefits to your business.

You can expect to save money, boost employee morale and health, improve your customer experience, and reduce the possibility of further maintenance issues.


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