How to Choose the Best Badge Holder for Your Business?    


A badge holder is a functional accessory for an increasing number of businesses. People who work in construction, food service, retail, and some other industries aren’t always allowed to wear their IDs on lanyards or around their necks while they’re at work.

It’s often best for them to keep their badges in a holder, so they have quick, easy access to their IDs when managers ask to see them or other employees need proof of identification.

Whether you need ID badge holder for your office staff or your employees wear uniforms on the job, you can find a wide variety of styles and prices to suit your needs.

Know What You’ll Use Your Badge Holder For

Not every badge holder is designed to accommodate cards with magnetic strips, which can be problematic if people at your workplace need to swipe their IDs in card readers regularly. Also, ensure holders are large enough for your cards because a too small badge can be challenging to remove from a holder.

Understand What a Badge Holder Should Accommodate

Some badge holders have slits that allow IDs to slide into the holder from the top or slots that will accommodate them from either side. These can be convenient if several people need access to badges because they can keep their IDs in the same holder. If only one person needs an ID badge holder, slits and slots probably aren’t necessary.

Think About Where You’ll Mount Your Badge Holder

It’s a good idea to get a cardholder that will be easy to attach or hang from surfaces, depending on where you want people to be able to use their badges. Some holders are designed for belts, while others are better suited for lanyards.

Take the Price of Your Badge Holder into Account

You can probably get a decent holder if you have a limited budget, but you may need to pay more for features like slots and slits if they’re essential to your organization.

Carefully Consider How You’ll Get Your Badge Holder

Some suppliers only sell cardholders in bulk, making it difficult for businesses that only need one or two for their employees. If you can’t buy them in smaller quantities, make sure they’re worth the cost of buying additional ones to meet your needs.

Understand the Different Styles

There are several styles for badge holders, including retractable, vinyl, and lanyard models. You’ll want to choose one that’s appropriate for your environment and needs.

For instance, you can choose pre printed staff lanyards or customized ones for your badge if you want a more unique and personalized look. It’s also a way for people to distinguish your organization from others easily. So, don’t hesitate to pick the best style of badge holder with the utmost functionality.

Consider Color

Some badge holders come in various color options so people can coordinate them with their uniforms or work outfits. This can make it easier for people to find holders and ID cards when they need them.

You can also incorporate the color of your brand or company in your badge holder. It’s an excellent way to boost people’s awareness about your organization, as uniforms do.

Check to See If You Can Customize a Holder

If your badge needs to be mounted at a specific angle, you may want to consider a customizable holder. However, you must ensure that the holder will not break or crack easily.

Manufacturers create badge holders from different materials, such as polypropylene, crystal polystyrene, polycarbonate crystal, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Metals, like silver and copper, are also available. Moreover, vegetable-based badge holder materials are great alternatives. This is crucial because the material of your badge holder also conveys a clear message about your company image.

Get the Right Number of Badge Holders for Your Needs

A little overstocking can save you money in some cases, but too many could end up being a burden if people aren’t using them or don’t have enough to meet their needs.

If your organization regularly welcomes new members, you can stock badge holders. Examples include events places, clubs, sports centers, and volunteer groups. Organizers can choose cheaper-priced badge holders for one-time or short-term use.

Choose a Holder That’s Appropriate for Your Workplace

If your business requires employees and managers to wear uniforms or follow a dress code, you may want a badge holder that contains no metal. This might be one of the best ways to keep the price down while still protecting people from being exposed to hazards like sharp edges or chemicals on their IDs.

Organizations can consult an occupational health expert, safety officer, or any other qualified professional. By doing so, they can determine the best badge holders, uniforms, and other workplace gear and tools suitable for their employees. This step can also help promote safety and security in workplaces.

Find a Holder That’s Easy to Use

You’ll want to choose something that people can easily take their cards in and out of without it being too tricky since you don’t want them to have trouble using their badges if they need to show them to managers or other employees on the job.

Some holders are made with clear plastic so people can easily see their IDs from the outside, while others have slits or slots that will accommodate cards from the side.

Best Badge Holders for Your Organization

No matter what kind of work environment (corporate or other) you have, you should be able to find a badge holder that’s right for your organization. You may need retractable ID badge holders if your employees need to swipe cards at workstations or other machines, or vinyl ones if they’ll be taking their IDs out a lot.

Wrapping Up

You may also want holders with slits and slots to accommodate multiple-sized cards to simplify things for your employees. No matter what kind of holder you choose, though, make sure you take the time to make a smart decision.


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