Most Common Medical Billing Errors And How To Avoid Them


Hospitals handle many patients on a daily basis. They have to keep a record of transactions. Sometimes human or software errors occur during transactions. Errors in invoices can cause many problems.

Let us explain Why do healthcare billing errors occur?, and How can we avoid invoice errors?

Importance of medical billing 

The perpetual function of any medical office is generating invoices. Healthcare assessment involves creating and authenticating bills and providing them to insurance providers. Healthcare facilities rely heavily on insurance providers for getting funds. Management does healthcare assessments to record the money coming in from reimbursements. Hospital Management performs this task to get the information that the patient had paid the exact amount for the services.

Difference between medical coding and billing

A medicinal code is a unique code for each diagnosis and procedure. Medicinal codes are used in recording data domestically and worldwide. These universal medicinal codes make the processing of bills easy for healthcare providers. On the contrary, billing is gathering, and recording information.

Medical invoice generating Software

  • Medez
  • Provider Suit
  • Allegiance MD
  • NueMD
  • EZ notes
  • Medics premier

Why do medical billing errors occur?

Mistakes occur because of negligence and less knowledge of the staff. The most common reason for the incorrect record is the mismatched diagnosis and procedure codes.

Disadvantages of medical billing errors

Incorrect invoices lead to money loss.

Additional personnel

Rejected claims pile up, and new claims do not get processed. This additional personnel can bring extra expenses.

Poor reputation

One patient who had a bad experience will share it with his family and friends, which will lead to a poor reputation of the hospital management.

Delayed payment

Delayed cash statements and rejected claims can lead to delayed payments.

Poor revenue management

The inaccuracy in invoices and processing result in poor revenue management for hospitals.

How we can avoid medical billing errors

  •  Correct patient information

Writing misspelled names of a patient and the wrong diagnosis code can lead to wrong or delayed payments. Incorrect information can increase the payable amount for the patient.

  • Avoid duplicate bills

The drawer charges the patient multiple times even if he gets the procedure once. Duplicate invoices are the most common error. It not only delays the payment but results in a bad reputation for the healthcare office and hospitals.

  • Training

List all primary protocols and train the team members to keep them updated on changes.

  • Remove Distractions

Remove distractions for your team members. Don’t burden them with the responsibilities.

  • Setting time frames

Set time frames for generating, submitting claims, and addressing the inaccuracy.

  • Patient Awareness

Tell the patients the protocols. Ask them to provide accurate information and inform in case of an error.

  • Partnering

Collaborate with a reputable company having experience in handling insurance providers and invoice information. By doing this, you can share the work burden.

  • Keep up on Codes

Your staff should know the latest codes for accurate information processing.


Mistakes result from hiring inexperienced team members. Cash statement mistakes can disrupt the whole management function. We hope that our tips to avoid invoice difficulties will be helpful for you. Learn more about how ResolvMD medical billing services help you reduce billing errors and accelerate your revenue cycle management.


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