Sustainable Practices: A Safeguard for the Future Generations


We only have one Earth, and the resources it has is being stripped and used at an alarmingly fast pace. With the booming and robust economy, globalization, and the heightened connectivity of people, the demand for commodities has increased and is in a continually increasing fashion. These advancements and progress sadly have many negative impacts on our environment, not just in terms of resource depletion but the destruction of natural resources.

In recent years, the move towards utilising green practices in how businesses are carried out has been making headway. The importance of safeguarding our environment has been highlighted and conscious efforts and steps have been undertaken toward sustainable practices.

Sustainability is achieved when we are able to meet our needs without compromising or forsaking the capacity of future generations to meet their needs. This philosophy and state of mind advocate the end view that generational needs will be met with resources that are available at present.

Businesses and organisations that adopt sustainable practices have been lauded and recognized across the globe in order to serve as models and inspiration to other businesses in other fields. One such organisation is Asia Pulp and Paper, which is the premier company of its kind in the world. They produce pulp, paper and packaging for various industries and for the many needs of their varied consumer groups around the world.

However, despite producing large quantities of paper and other paper-related products, Asia Pulp & Paper has been at the forefront of ensuring sustainability and undertaking painstaking and tedious sustainable practices. They are on a continuous quest for finding ways to further improve their system in forest management. By looking beyond the simple and ordinary means of doing things and employing innovative solutions to current problems, the company is able to have a positive influence on the planet, the paper industry, the community that they are a part of and the generations to come.

Their vision is one of inclusive growth, where they are able to not just give back to the community that hosts them, but provide a safe and secure place for them to live, thrive and grow as well. This is achieved by providing sources of livelihood that will be able to endure and afford the families a respectable living outside of the company. This form of empowerment will let the people of the community be free from the drudgery and difficulties that tie them down. Indeed, their objective is to achieve development and advancement that is hand-in-hand with the community and at the same time taking care of the environment.

The road towards achieving sustainable communities and continual sustainable practices is ever-changing and difficult, but with the right motivations and intentions, it can be achieved. The present generation in conjunction with the future generations must be able to address situations, find solutions and adapt to the changes brought about by time. After all, sustainability is a shared value and it all boils down to the vision we have as to the kind of future we are leaving for our children.


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