Tips to Design a Product Packaging that will Stand Out


In order to make your product outshine the rest, lying on the shelves of a supermarket; you need to invest your time and effort into packaging it well.  Stats show us that consumers make a buying decision, based on the product’s packaging. They set an impression of the product within 2-4 seconds. And what can you barely notice within this time frame? Yes, you guessed it right; the packaging boxes! That is all that a potential customer can barely put their eyes on. Thus, you need to design it creatively. And we will help you in doing so.

1) Clarity

Before you start designing the product’s package, you need to have clarity of what you want. A little market research will help you find the clarity. Look at other products and their packaging. What is the brand and what product are they selling? How have they designed the package box? Find your vlairty before you sit down to design. If you are unclear about what you want; you wouldn’t be able to design an impressive package.

2) Be Honest with your packaging

Many product packaging are merely a lie. A simple chocolate cookie packaging, showcasing tons of chocolate sauce dripping and berries etc, is simply misleading the customer. They might assume the cookie to be drenched with chocolate sauce from the inside. And when that doesn’t happen; they are disappointed. Thus, be very honest with your product’s packaging. Don’t exceed rationality in the hunger of creativity.

3) Originality

Be original. Your authenticity makes you stand unique. It is the heart of all wonderful brands. They believe in authenticity when it comes to their packaging and its design. There are innumerable products in the market these days and you want to make sure that yours is able to stand apart and have its own identity. Thus, whilst designing the package, you need to be very true to your brand’s motto and be creative. Explore the design world and see how you can be authentic.

Boost your visuals, be different and don’t be afraid to be bold. Grab inspiration from wherever you can, but make sure that you don’t copy any packaging as people are quick to guess now and the news spreads like wildfire.

4) Think as a customer

Think from the perspective of a customer and imagine your product on the market shelf. Your product is not lying alone there, is it? No. Several products are lined up, side by side and you don’t want the entire attention to go to them. Thus, think as a customer and imagine what would look nice when sitting up there. Then head on to designing the packaging boxes.

The appeal of your product matters a lot. And once you understand that, you’ll be able to be vastly creative.

5) Practicality of your packaging

The material, shape and size of your packaging is very important to consider too. Practicality is crucial to consider whilst designing your product’s packaging. Remember that the more practical your product looks, the better it will sell. For example, the Henz ketchup bottle sold like crazy when it invented the upside down bottle. Why? Because it added a tad bit of convenience for the users and they loved its practicality. Thus, make sure that you look into this aspect too.


Designing your product packaging is not a few minutes or one day’s task. Thermoforming food packaging requires proper research and an insight to make things professional and unique. consider the above mentioned aspects before designing your product’s packaging and your product will get more leads, for sure.


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