What is the Best CNC Tubing Bender?


The majority of it is found in industrial settings, the tube benders are increasingly becoming common when it comes to home tool kits. If you are thinking about the applications which are diverse of a tube bender such as CNC tube bender, this will definitely make sense.

Popularly known as pipe benders, this can be used as tools on any type of job from refrigerator repair to standard plumbing work. They are very useful in mechanic and construction applications alike, the main reason is due to their one of a kind abilities.

Tube benders offer you a smooth bend in almost any type of metal pipe. It normally limits the restriction when it comes to the flow of fluids and makes sure that the pipe is fitted where you need it to be.

The Top Tube Benders Right Now


A popular brand managed by Stride Tools, this company based in Ohio started in the early year 1900s. It mainly focuses on providing tools with high-quality for both personal and professional use like tube benders, pliers, general tools and more.


Started its business as a simple manufacturer of tube benders in the year 1926, this company found in England still continues to be top of the leading suppliers of tools worldwide. It has expanded since its selection to contain all types of supplies that are HVAC, this includes vacuum pumps, tube cutters, leak detectors and more.



The key component to any kind of tube bender is its actual opening. This is certainly the part of the bender where the user will attach the pipe. It varies in size, the structure of its opening will dictate the size of that pipe with which the user can work. It requires it to be made out of material that is harder than the pipe, it must be something that is sturdy and durable.


This feature normally dictates the angle the user can gain from the tube bender. There are some top benders that can reach a full degree of 180, while there are some that can only get the pipe to acute moderate angles. Usually, the tube benders with a bigger bending range are much more desirable due to the fact that they can perform more tasks that are versatile.


Usually refers to how you, being the tool-handler, will bend the pipe, take note that this is an important feature. The majority of tube benders usually are handheld. This means that it will not corporate two handles that are distinct, by which you can then move in order to force the pipe against its press. The controls need to be well-calibrated, responsive to pressure, and easy to handle.


On pretty much the majority of tube benders, you will have to find a lot of measurements. But some are more denoted clearly compared to others. This feature will tell you how far you are able to move those handles in order to achieve the angles of which you desire. It is very important that the measurements are not difficult to read and will not wear down as time goes by.


After you have identified that the tool is very much user-friendly and at the same time durable, you will need to assess how convenient it is when it comes to maintaining it. Will you be able to have the chance to calibrate it? Will it be easy to dry or clean? While keeping up is pretty basic with the majority of the tube benders, it aids to know what you will have to acquire in order to last the longest possible time.


This is common most especially if you are planning to make use of the tube bender for a lot of purposes, you need to press the bender in order to be able to bend all kinds of metals. The hardness of the pipes is very high on the variable, ranging from copper to steel to zinc. Just make sure that the press is able to handle a galvanized steel, reinforced with chromium, in order to find the tool to be as strong as possible.


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