Ways to Benefit from TWIC Compliance for Truckers


In addition to CDL, truck drivers can upgrade their skills and obtain a TWIC. Compliance with TWIC requirements and keeping this card active gives them access to protected facilities and puts them on par with maritime workers.

What is TWIC?

A TWIC is a Transportation Worker Identification Credential. It’s a requirement imposed by the Maritime Transport Security Act for employees to access security-sensitive areas of maritime facilities and vessels.

TWIC is issued to employees after providing biometric information and passing a security threat assessment conducted by a TSA officer.

Why is it Important to Truck Drivers?

First of all truck drivers, whether rookies or veterans performing certain tasks in ports and maritime areas, should get this card.

The HMD Trucking drivers have to visit these government facilities, then it’s best to get a TWIC card to bolster your resume. An active TWIC card entitles you to enter and conduct business at state ports, vessels, and other relevant facilities. Thus, port employees need only scan the card at access points.

The card has a five-year expiry date, so you will have to renew your credentials. Keeping your card active means complying with all the requirements and responsibilities that accompany TWIC.

TWIC Benefits

Gives you a Competitive Advantage

Qualifying for TWIC accreditation entitles you to more tasks and opportunities that require a maritime transportation permit. That way HMD Trucking, like most other employers, is more likely to hire you than other carriers who have not yet received their cards. Keep in mind that it will take a few weeks to get your card, probably because of TSA background checks.

While having a credential will give you a competitive advantage, you will also have to make sure you have the necessary skills for the position.

Boosts your Reputation

In addition, the transportation sector needs reliable and honest workers. Getting a card means that you are not engaging in fraudulent activities that could jeopardize the business. Wonder if you are an immigrant and your identity is questioned? So, you can show your TWIC card because having immigration problems and a felony conviction disqualifies you from receiving accreditation.

Expanded Income Opportunity

Expanded Income Opportunity

Since the TWIC card gives you access to most ports, maritime areas, and ships you will have more income opportunities. Some TWIC holders can get a permit to work with hazardous materials. This is another transportation sector with good wages.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professional truck drivers earn an average of $80,583 a year. However, some companies also offer extra pay, which provides extra compensation for services that cannot be classified as transportation. This is where your TWIC card comes in handy because it allows you to earn extra income.

Save Time and Money

TWIC can save time and money because truck drivers no longer have to pay escort fees. They use their services every time they deliver, load, or receive cargo from the ports. Carriers who do not have TWIC will have to pay authorized personnel before they are granted access to the secured areas of the ship and docks.

Also, every TWIC holder can skip the TSA pre-check at the airports, which costs $85 for five years. The card will help you save travel time, as you will no longer be subjected to stiff interviews and interrogations at the airport.


Getting a TWIC card as a truck driver is a fine investment that gives you the opportunity to increase your income. It gives you an advantage over other applicants if you are a novice truck driver. Because you undergo a thorough security check before you get your permit, getting the card also confirms your status as a law-abiding citizen. It can enhance your reputation in the eyes of authorities, employers, and the public.


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