13 Uncommon Uses Of A Graph Maker


I’m sure we’ve all used a graph maker at some point during our school career – it’s just one of those tools that you’re guaranteed to either use or see in every classroom. Here, I’m going to show 13 more creative and unusual ways of using your everyday graph maker(s).

Get your spork out because this is gonna be fun!

This useful invention allows us to study different functions and how they work. But did you know you can also use it for so much else? If not, then keep reading.

1. Create A Graph For Your Title Screen

A classic cliche in most teen dramas is the title screen where we see all the main characters. Now you too can create your own with your graph maker! Simply create a graph with the title of your show at the top, and then underneath create a list of all the main characters and their corresponding roles.

2. Make A Timetable With A Chart Maker

Tired of fumbling through your school agenda every day? Why not make a timetable using your graph maker instead? It’ll be easy to see which classes are on which days and what time you need to be where.

3. Design A Calendar With A Graph Creator

Another way to use your graph maker is to design your calendar! This is great for people who like to plan everything in advance or for those who want a unique calendar that no one else has.

4. Create A Graph Of Your Weight Over Time

Are you trying to lose weight or just keep track of your progress? If so, then creating a graph of your weight over time is a great way to do it! This will help you to see patterns in your weight and could even motivate you to keep going.

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5. Make A Shopping List

Running out of things to buy at the grocery store? Why not make a shopping list using your graph maker? This will make it easy to see what you need and how much everything costs.

If you want to revert to the traditional, visit Venngage to use their checklist maker.

6. Plot Your Dream Vacation

Dreaming of going on a vacation but don’t know where to start? Why not use your graph maker to plot out your dream vacation! This will give you an idea of you want to go and what activities you want to do.

7. Create A Graph Of Your Favourite Foods

Ever wondered which foods you eat the most? Or perhaps you’re trying to cut back on your fast food intake and want a graph of what you eat the most? Either way, making a graph of your favorite foods is a great way to accomplish both.

8. Create A Timetable For Your Class Schedule

Need a little help with figuring out your daily schedule? Why not create a timetable for it using your graph maker! This could also be very helpful for people who have different schedules each day – just fill in whatever classes you have that day and voila! You have an instant planner.

9. Use A Bar Graph Maker To Visualize How You Use Your Time

Are you curious about how you spend your time? Or maybe you want to see where all your time goes? If so, then creating a bar graph of how you use your time is a great way to do it! This can help you to see which activities take up the most time and where you could make some changes.

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10. Use A Line Graph Maker For Your Finances

Keeping track of your finances can be difficult, but with a graph maker, it’s easy! Just create a graph with your monthly income on the y-axis and your expenses on the x-axis and viola! You have an instant financial overview.

11. Plot Your Favourite TV Shows

Another classic cliche is the graph of your favorite TV shows. Well, now you can make one too! This could be very useful if you’re planning to binge-watch a show and want to know what order to do it in or if you want suggestions on new shows to watch. Whatever the reason, this is a great way to make sure you don’t miss out on any of your favorites.

12. Make A Graph Of Your Grade Point Average (GPA)

Are you working towards getting better grades? If so, then graphing your GPA with a graph maker would be incredibly helpful! You’ll easily be able to see any positive or negative progress that you’ve made throughout the year and could even motivate you to work harder.

13. Create A Graph Of The Time You Spend On Your Phone

Spending too much time on your phone? Want to cut down your screen time? If so, then graphing the amount of time you spend on your phone is a great way to do it! This will make it easy for you to see how long you’ve been on your phone each day and compare that with different times in the past.


Now that you know what a graph maker can be used for, why not give one a try today? There are endless possibilities when it comes to graphs, charts, and diagrams – which means there’s an equally large number of ways they can be useful. Try designing something right now and enjoy!

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