How Long Does a Long-Distance Move Take?


Our friends at Safebound Moving & Storage are here to answer that question outright. It might take anywhere from a few days to many weeks for your possessions to arrive when moving vast distances. It should simply take a few days if you’re only moving to another state. However, it all relies on your unique circumstances and the movers you’ve engaged. Check your bill of lading to be sure your delivery window is correct. You should have a contract with the mover that specifies when they are expected to deliver your belongings.

Are you wondering where all your belongings are in your new house right now? Did the movers provide you a delivery window and you missed it? We’ll cover all you need to know about how long it takes movers to deliver and why it takes so long in this post.

If Your Movers Are Late

Both residential and commercial moving companies may be late on the delivery window for a long-distance relocation. When movers use a tractor-trailer to transport clients great distances, they will be picking up and dropping off other people’s goods along the route, and there are a number of logistical reasons why they may be late. If your movers are running late, there are a few things you can do:

First, Stay Calm

If your movers are running late, the first thing you should do is relax and take a big breath. You’ve been relocated to a new town for some time, and it’s normal that you’re stressed. Stressing out, on the other hand, will not speed up the delivery of your things. If your things are running late, keep in mind that moving furniture across the nation might come with a lot of unanticipated roadblocks. What if there’s a flat tire on the truck? or were they stranded in a storm? Before you get too worked up, if the movers miss the window, keep in mind that it’s conceivable there was a minor snafu along the way.

Second, Check The Contract/Bill of Lading

Your expected delivery window will be listed on the Bill of Lading you received from your moving company. Depending on the moving company you use, they may be able to pay you for the time you missed on the delivery window in many circumstances. So, once again, double-check your contract (all movers are different).

Moving companies frequently pay customers a daily allowance of money beginning the day after the cargo is late. This payment covers charges such as automobile rental, hotel accommodations, meals, and other expenses that may arise as a result of the late delivery.

Third, Start Calling

If your delivery is delayed, the mover should phone you to update you on the status of the relocation. But if they don’t, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and contact them. If you don’t have the phone number, look it up on your Bill of Lading, go to the moving company’s website, or just Google your movers’ contact information. Give them a call and try your best to acquire clear answers to your inquiries about what’s going on and when the moving crew will come.

Why Do Moves Sometimes Take Forever?

We are all becoming accustomed to having what we want when we want it in today’s world. We now live in a world where getting products delivered to our front door in 24 hours is the norm.

Long-distance travel is a very different ballgame. The only time you may expect immediate delivery when moving is if you’re simply moving a small distance from one city to the other. The length of time it takes for your items to arrive depends on the time of year, distance, weather, and government regulations for shipping big distances.

If you’re moving to a state that neighbors yours, you should anticipate your possessions to arrive anywhere from 1 to 7 days after your scheduled move date. If you’re traveling long-distance, delivery might take anything from 2 to 22 days, depending on when you relocate.

Seasons also affect the rate at which movers deliver your belongings. The winter and fall months pose threats such as storms or road closures. So, while those months are typically cheaper, you might be waiting a while longer.

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