7 Killer Business Presentation Templates for Entrepreneurs


A business presentation is half the battle while you’re out pitching to investors, evangelists, venture capitalists, or executives. However, often presenters just come up with an ordinary slideshow and miss out big on the opportunity! Well, one should understand that the purpose of your presentation is to inform, persuade and foster goodwill with the attendees. Presenters often struggle to create slides that are captivating & minimalistic since there is too much data involved.

You can kickstart your presentation endeavors with ready-to-use PowerPoint templates. Instead of starting with an intimidating blank slide, presenters can get access to an interactive & responsive corporate template that can help you woo the audience and produce impressive results. In this post, we will talk about the types of business presentations. We will also talk about how you can supplement your presentations with business templates and achieve success.

Let’s move ahead and explore different types of business presentations:

  • Pitch Decks:

When it comes to giving a short, crisp summary of your business plan, startup vision, and company as a whole, slide deck templates for PowerPoint come into the picture. Usually, around ten slides, a pitch deck helps entrepreneurs in an array of presentation settings such as investor meetings, crowdfunding events, etc.

  • Sales Presentations:

Unlike pitch decks where the intent is to provide a high-level idea of your company, business, and vision, a sales presentation includes an overview of the product or service that you’re hoping to lead to a purchase. Sales presentations are targeted at sellers, marketers & buyers.

  • Investors Presentations:

An investor presentation is a type of business presentation tailored for a specific set of audiences. It talks about the business a company is in, target customers/market, management, strategic alliances, market competition, capitalization, and financial summary. These presentations are an elongated form of pitch decks, highlighting critical elements in depth.

  • Marketing Presentations:

A marketing presentation illustrates the marketing plan in detail with rich visuals such as graphs, charts, 3D diagrams, and other graphics. This presentation is more a sales tool used by marketers to create a plan to sell products and services.

Top 7 PowerPoint Templates To Boost Your Business Meetings & Entrepreneurship Interactions:

1) Professional Business Slide Deck PowerPoint Template

The Professional Business Slide Deck is a powerful PowerPoint template featuring over 27 slides. Each slide covers all verticals of the business and helps project the performance reporting of a company. The slides are supported by attractive corporate-friendly visuals, data-driven graphs, charts, and other 3D vector graphics. The SlideModel template provides an out-of-the-box material design and technological appeal to the slides.

The template includes slides such as Agenda, About Us, Business Verticals, Management, Market, Problem, Solution, and more. Not just that, it comes prepacked with a 2-year Timeline Chart, Pyramid Diagram, SWOT Analysis & Business Skills diagrams. You can also use it as your business plan template. The template supports 100% customization and hence, can be edited as per your company’s branding guidelines.

2) Business Slides Carnival PowerPoint Template

Are you looking for an all-in-one bundle of slide layouts for your next business presentation? The Business Slides Carnival template can help you present your company perfectly. The 13-slide template enables you to not miss out on important business details and cover all the verticals. Presenters can leverage slide headings such as Cover, Welcome Message, About Us, Our Services, Team, What We Do, Our Mission, Company Values, Timeline, SWOT Analysis, and much more.

The template allows the presenter to effectively project the company’s brand, market growth, products, etc. You can easily edit the template and resonate it with your organization’s branding aesthetics. The goal of a presentation is to engage with the audience and deliver the message across the room. The Business Slides Carnival template provides a corporate-grade professional graphic design, superior branding, ease of customization, and design consistency. Thus, it is your go-to partner for creating captivating presentations.

3) Business Partnership PowerPoint Template

Best suited for business discussions, alliance connections, partner deals, and negotiations, the Business Partnership template can provide you an upper edge during meetings. Presenters can easily showcase different aspects of business correlations and partnerships through the template. Thanks to its rich visual hierarchy, diagrams, graphs, charts, and other infographics. The deck contains 11 slides, and with the right content, it can help you foster robust partnerships.

Moreover, the deck encapsulates business visuals that promote the idea of partnerships. For instance, the deck has a hand-shaking illustration of professionals and other cartoon illustrations. Again, you can edit and customize this deck 100% as per your design schema. You can also include data visualizations that are helpful during the decision-making process for upper management.

4) TDODAR Decision Making PowerPoint Template

TDODAR is one of the most popular decision-making models used by companies. Acronym for Time, Diagnosis, Options, Decide, Assign & Review, the model is highly useful while making critical decisions under pressure. The 10-slide TDODAR template helps you deliver the ideas effectively. Business leaders can leverage this template while showcasing their services or products.

The template further aids the audience to deduce a conclusion about your services after analyzing all the metrics of TDODAR. This decision-making template can also be used in product development meetings. Teams can identify the problem, brainstorm the solutions, evaluate the ideas & go ahead with a viable solution. Therefore, businesses can have a clear action plan on how to move forward with the delivery.

5) SWOT Analysis Infographic Quadrants Template

SWOT analysis is a popular technique to distinguish and comprehend the key issues affecting the organization. The technique involves an in-depth analysis of a businesses’ Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. A SWOT Analysis template can help entrepreneurs and businesses of all scales evaluate their business plans and go-to strategies related to sales & marketing.

The template features 9 captivating and business-grade slides that come in handy with infographic quadrant shapes. Both product development teams and upper management can use the SWOT analysis template and aid their day-to-day business tasks and decision-making endeavors. The template brings aboard lush typography, infographics, 3D shapes and is easy to customize as well. Presenters can seamlessly put the content in the placeholders and generate an amazing PowerPoint presentation.

6) Vision & Mission PowerPoint Template

In any organization, the Vision & Mission statements act as a North Start and set the direction of work for the entire company. Vision & Mission not just define the company’s purpose but also provides a focal point that is pursued by the workforce. While you’re projecting your business in front of clients, investors, or customers, your company’s Vision & Mission should look appealing and memorable.

Your company’s vision describes its future position. Thus, your audience will only take interest in your business if they can comprehend your goals and beliefs. The 6-slide Vision and Mission template helps businesses showcase their mission statement in a charming and minimalistic fashion. The slide features intuitive bullet lists, a plethora of graphics, and support for corporate branding. Thus, presenters can use this template and outline the company’s goals, objectives, plans & target approach.

7) Multi-Step Root Cause Analysis Diagram for PowerPoint

RCA or Root Cause Analysis involves an in-depth analysis of an issue once it occurs. It is an effective technique to prevent issues/problems since we have already identified the main cause that was triggering the issue. Businesses often conduct Root Cause Analysis in different aspects such as quality improvement, cut down support costs, accelerating time to repair, and improvise business strategies on the move.

The template features 6 editable steps for your next root cause business meeting. With illustrations such as magnifying glass and fingerprints, you can draw the attention of your audience to the issues. Moreover, the template helps you to pan out scores of information in a single slide. Rather than going text-heavy with your presentation, you can leverage appealing visuals, keep the text minimal and perform root cause analysis better.

The End Line:

There is no denying that presentations sit at the epicenter of all business meetings & interactions. An intuitive and attractive slide deck not only engages with your audience better but is also helpful in securing investment and initiating a call to action. The presentation should be informative, inspiring, visually appealing, connecting, yet minimalistic.

Readymade PowerPoint templates can help you create your next revolutionary presentation in no time! Rather than designing slides from scratch, get a corporate template today, put content in placeholders, make your presentations persuasive & capture the audience’s attention more than ever.


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