How to Make Your Business a More Pleasant Workplace


Being the owner of a business establishment is a thing to be proud of. After all, it allows you to make a living out of something that is a product of your creativity and hard work. It’s one of the most ideal careers in the world, however, not everyone is built for the role. Being a business owner is more than just good ideas and financial skills. It also requires being a good leader and having people management skills.

If you are unable to keep your employees happy, it can lead to a lot of difficulties. First of all, unhappy workers are less productive. If they do not enjoy their work or the company they work for, they will not be motivated to do a good job. It can also lead to a high turnover in staff. This causes momentum to slow down due to staff members needing to be constantly trained and settled into the workplace. If your employees are not happy, your business will suffer. So how can you prevent this? You need to make your workplace a pleasant place to come to. Employees shouldn’t dread coming in, they should be excited. To achieve this, here are some tips on how you can make your business a more pleasant workplace.

Break Room/Canteen

Everyone needs a chance to switch off from work at some stage in the day. It’s impossible for any human to work at their full potential for 8 hours in a row. This is why breaks are so necessary for any working environment. However, a break is useless if the person cannot relax and enjoy themselves throughout. Many business owners do not put effort into their break room. It’s certainly worthwhile doing, however. Having a pleasant break room can really improve the experience for your employees. If the break room is a nice area to relax in, they are more likely to reset properly to return to their shift. An uncomfortable or dull room won’t help them relax and could even make them more stressed.

But how can you improve your break room? There are a few things you can implement to improve it. A really easy one is just fresh paint on the walls. Use a bright, welcoming colour. This will help induce a more positive atmosphere in the break room. You can then look at adding the likes of comfortable and attractive furniture or even entertainment products.


Having proper utilities in a workplace can make it a much more enjoyable experience. There are several different ones that you can consider investing in for the benefit of the staff. For example, a source of drinkable water is essential. Invest in a water tank that will allow people to drink fresh, tasty water throughout the day. This will also encourage staff members to stay hydrated, which is essential to hard work. You can also look at bringing in some cooking utilities for your staff members. Microwaves, ovens, and air fryers are all great options to add to your canteen. This gives your staff members more options for their lunches and meals. During a workday, a good meal is something that a lot of people will anticipate. Providing utilities to have a hot, tasty meal could really make a difference. Employees will also be thankful that they don’t have to buy lunch every day.

Appropriate Heating

This is one that you probably wouldn’t think of until it became a problem. There are always going to be days in the winter that are too cold and days in the summer too warm. You should have the right tools to maintain a comfortable heat in which your staff members can work in. Everyone knows how hard it can be to work in the blazing heat or freezing cold. If this is a constant problem, it could be enough to see employees leave and become very unhappy. To prevent this, you should invest in some industrial heating solutions for your business. This will allow you to regulate temperatures and keep the workplace comfortable.

Regular Meetings

You should keep in regular contact with your employees. Understand how they are feeling and what they think about the business itself. Keeping your staff members engaged and in the loop is crucial for a happy work environment. After all, every one of your employees wants to feel valued and heard. The best way to do this is to have regular staff meetings. You can discuss the goings-on in the workplace, as well as suggestions they may have. You should also be open to feedback on how they think the workplace could be a more pleasant place. These meetings can even be online with the likes of Skype and Zoom, should that be more convenient.

Social Occasions

Building relationships between staff members is important. Not only for you to form connections with your employees, but for them to build with each other. The best way to do this is to have some social occasions outside of work. This will help improve relationships, giving staff a chance to properly get to know one another. This will then lead to better teamwork and less conflict between staff members in the workplace. Having these social occasions regularly will also give employees something to anticipate.

Provide a Good Atmosphere

As a business owner, you have your own roles to fulfill in the workplace. Whether you are there very rarely or very often, you should help to provide a good atmosphere. It’s a common thing that staff members are intimidated by their business owners. This can be a harmful thing, however. You don’t want your employees to fear you, so try to make that clear. Be friendly whenever you are in the workplace. Try to have a positive attitude, as you will have the greatest influence on the atmosphere in the workplace. Take some time to get to know the different staff members, as this can make them feel more valued.


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