Why Is Bike Inspection Important for Bike Insurance?


It is mandatory for every bike owner in India to have a bike insurance policy. Therefore, if you own a two-wheeler, you must at least have a third-party two-wheeler insurance policy. However, it is advisable to purchase a comprehensive bike insurance policy so as to safeguard yourself and your bike, besides the affected third party against any damage due to an accident. Thus, insurance is also an important cushion of financial support.

What is Bike Inspection?

Bike inspection is the process to verify the credentials of a bike and its ownership. The primary objective of a bike inspection is to establish that the bike for which an insurance policy is being purchased or renewed exists in reality, not just on paper. Inspection is also carried out to survey the damage when a claim application has been made by the bike owner.

Why is Bike Inspection Done?

With the ever-increasing instances of insurance frauds, insurance providers insist on bike inspection reports to eliminate the possibility of fraudulent insurance claims. A bike inspection confirms that the bike exists and is legally owned by the person claiming it. It also avoids instances of insurance claims for bikes with imaginary registration numbers and claims masking old damage to a bike as ones sustained in a recent accident. During a bike inspection, the bike’s vehicle registration number, chassis number, and major components are checked.

Why is Bike Inspection Important for Bike Insurance?

A bike inspection is important for your bike’s insurance policy for the following reasons.

  1. Application for a new bike insurance policy: When you purchase a new bike insurance policy, the insurance company conducts an inspection of your bike to check if there is any damage or malfunctioning component. If you opt for an online motorcycle insurance purchase or renewal, you get the option to submit a bike self-inspection video, thereby reducing the time and effort needed to buy a bike insurance policy.
  2. Purchase of a new bike insurance policy after the expiry of another: If you do not renew your bike insurance policy in time, there is a break in your bike insurance cover. The subsequent purchase of a new two-wheeler insurance policy would involve a bike inspection. Insurance companies usually pay great attention to the renewal of lapsed bike insurance policies because there is a period during which the bike remains uninsured, making it more vulnerable to accidents and theft.
  3. Reduction in the premium amount of a bike insurance policy: A bike inspection provides an insurance company with the opportunity to carry out a thorough check of a bike, such as its working condition including of its engine, batteries, electrical wiring, and other components; any damage it has sustained and retained; any high-end features or components; and its state of maintenance. If the bike insurance company is satisfied with the bike’s condition, it is likely to issue a two-wheeler insurance policy for the said bike at a reduced premium. Therefore, a bike inspection report is necessary for the reduction of premium under a policy.
  4. Settlement of bike accident insurance claims: During a bike accident insurance claim processing, the insurance company appoints an insurance surveyor to check your bike for damage sustained and establish the authenticity of the claim. He/she fills out a bike inspection checklist which forms the basis for the bike inspection report. On the basis of this report, the final admissible claim is computed.
  5. Change in the type of bike insurance policy: If you change the type of your bike insurance policy, a bike inspection is compulsory. For instance, if you are switching from a third-party bike insurance policy to a comprehensive bike insurance policy, the selected insurance provider schedules a bike inspection for your vehicle so as to ascertain its condition and determine the terms of the policy.
  6. Modifications to a bike: If you make any modifications to your bike, you should inform the insurance company forthwith. Based on a bike inspection, the changes to the bike insurance policy will be incorporated by the company. If you fail to do this, your claim at a later stage may not be allowed. For instance, if you add an anti-lock braking system to your bike or enhance the quality of the tyres, the bike becomes safer and less vulnerable to accidents. Therefore, after an inspection, the premium on your bike insurance policy could be reduced.


Bike inspection is necessary for several reasons as we have seen above. You must be clear when to inform the company and request an inspection during your current policy or its renewal to determine the correct bike insurance cost.

Nowadays, you can easily and securely purchase a motorcycle insurance policy online. You get to make a well-informed decision as you can compare the cost of bike insurance policies sold by different insurance providers. Besides the premium, you should look for the industry standing of the company, types of policies and add-on features offered, claim settlement ratio and customer service to help you gauge whether you can purchase or renew your policy.

Additionally, in the current scenario, the insurer should offer a quick and seamless online purchase and renewal process. For instance, you can safely complete the TATA AIG two wheeler insurance renewal online in 3 easy steps by visiting their website or with their 24×7 customer support.

By following the requirements diligently, your transactions with the insurer will be smooth and efficient.


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