Practical Marketing Resources For Home Improvement Contractors


Word of mouth has done wonders for your small home improvement business. You started by completing projects for people you know, and from there, the news spread, and new opportunities presented themselves. Though you still rely on this strategy for attracting customers, you realize it won’t be enough to keep you in the competition. As other trade professionals begin capitalizing on digitization to advertise their products and services, the need to enhance your marketing efforts increases.

Digital Marketing Is A Must

These days, there aren’t too many small business owners that survive without some form of online presence or digital marketing campaign. With information readily at their fingertips, the internet is often the first place they turn to learn more about products or services before they make a purchasing decision.

If an online search result in little to no details, your home improvement company will get overlooked. Fortunately, there are practical, affordable, and easy-to-use marketing resources you can use to boost brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Company Website

An essential resource for advertising your home improvement services is a company website. It serves as a digital business card and provides interested parties with details ranging from contact information to a list of services. Your website should also include a portfolio comprised of before and after photographs from projects you’ve completed and reviews from satisfied customers.

Industry-Specific Blog

When it comes to brand awareness and marketing, content is king. The more relevant and entertaining content you have on the internet, the more favorable your company’s site becomes to search engine bots. It also increases your credibility within your industry and educates your target audience on topics that matter most. That’s why having a blog for your home renovation company is recommended.

Social Media

Where else can you advertise your business, research and connect with your target audience, and handle customer service issues in one place? Why social media, of course. If there are any digital platforms home improvement contractors can capitalize from, it’s social media sites. Setting up an account gives you real-time access to hundreds, if not thousands, of homeowners in your area in need of your services. You can post articles from your blog, share photos of your projects, answer questions, leave comments, and even advertise promotions through your company account and get instant feedback.

Contractor Matching Sites

Consumer opinion goes a long way in building your brand’s image and acquiring new customers. While you may have a website with customer reviews, creating an account with sites like HomeAdvisor is also ideal. It’s essentially a marketplace that matches homeowners to vetted and qualified contractors in their area.

Consumers can check out your skills, review your portfolio, fill out contact forms, and evaluate reviews from previous clients. Such platforms save contractors time and money as it expands their reach and reduces marketing hours. If you’re interested, check out a HomeAdvisor review or two to give you a better idea of how it benefits both customers and small business owners.

Online Guides And Video Tutorials

The DIY concept has taken the home improvement industry by storm as homeowners roll up their sleeves and attempt to complete projects themselves. You can use this craze to your advantage by creating educational content in the form of online guides and video tutorials. People will spend hours reviewing data from experts to learn how to complete home projects, maintenance, and repairs safely and efficiently.

Sharing your knowledge with others shows that you’re not just in it for the money. It sends the message that you simply want your target audience to have homes they love. As they learn from your materials, it adds to your credibility and experience. Then, when they need the assistance of a professional, chances are they’re going to come to you for business.

There was a time when a good word from a person you know was enough to encourage you to select a product or service. However, these days, it’s not that simple. Even with a good referral, modern consumers turn to the internet to discover as much as they can about a company before deciding to do business. If you want to attract new customers, you must be willing to invest in marketing resources like those listed above to build brand awareness, separate yourself from the competition, and draw in new business.


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